Sing, Spell, Read and Write Kindergarten and Level 1 Combo Kit with FREE Incentive Bag Homeschool Edition

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Item #: SSRWCK
Grades: K-2

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Publisher: Pearson Learning
Pub. Date: 1998
Edition: 2nd. (Homeschool Edition)
Grade Range: K-1

About Sing, Spell, Read and Write Kindergarten and Level 1 Combo Kit with FREE Incentive Bag Homeschool Edition

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my son is has a learning disability
Previously i have purchased hooked on phonics & it was to complicated had no success . I was recommended by neighbors to get this program and within a week my son was excited and reading & let me tell you before he didn't want to have anything to do with reading. Im so thrilled with my purchase this is changing my sons life thank you god bless you
June 17, 2016
over 2 years ago
Great reading tool!
This curriculum is so easy to use, and has so many materials that come with it. It takes the guess work out of helping your child learn to read!
March 18, 2016
over 3 years ago
We used Sing Spell Read and Write K and Level 1 Combo Kit for 3 of my 4 children This was fun Fun FUN!! It was well worth the money as this is a full 2 year Language Arts/Phonics/Spelling/Reading curriculum that gives a child a firm foundation to build upon All phonetic rules have catchy songs that you will be humming in your head WELL past 1st grade! Racing around the track was a great visual for my children to see how much they have learned Although I believe having pride in a job well done as payment the prize box was a great incentive to my boys I recommend this foundational phonics program to "anyone" new to homeschooling It's just as much FUN for Mom as it is for the child!
August 26, 2013
I am using this program for my preschooler and 1st grader The Kindergarten books are more of a preschool level with the letter identification and repetitive worksheets My daughter is really enjoying them despite the repetition The level one beginning book was far too easy for my 1st grader and I skipped it completely I love how the book is teaching him to spell without him even realizing it! I am a terrible speller so I wanted to make sure I used a program that laid out how to teach spelling really well The spelling lists are long but I think learning to spell is important so I am pleased with them My first grader is ahead of most of the readers but they are good practice and we supplement with added reading Both my kids really enjoy the songs and games We use the songs in other parts of the day to "get the wiggles out" The teacher's manual is well laid out and even suggests pacing for the teaching In some cases my son is moving faster than the pacing but I enjoy having a pacing goal that I can speed up or slow down based on my child
July 30, 2013
We taught two of our children to read using Sing Spell Read and Write and they are now very strong readers SSRW makes learning to read fun rather than an academic process It comes with a CD that has cute and fun songs to learn phonics which all of my children enjoyed It also includes games like "pick a sound" which is similar to "Go Fish" but with letter sounds and blends; and a Bingo like game with blends The accompanying workbook teaches handwriting and basic language skills As you progress through the program with your child you advance a race car around a track to indicate the progress that has been made The program is very motivating and fun! The best part about Sing Spell Read and Write is the books They have sweet innocent story lines but are loaded with content compared to other early reading books There are comprehension analytical and inference questions for discussion in the teachers manual which prepared myself and the children for reading and understanding more advanced books While the stories focus on particular blends and word families they are interesting and fun for the children They were always eager to read the stories to me and liked to find "Gus" in all of the books The children even enjoyed re-reading the stories when a sibling started using the curriculum! I would recommend this curriculum to anyone who has a young reader in their family!
March 22, 2013
The best phonics program kit available! It is so important that students learn how to blend alphabet letters correctly This program helps students to do this! I am a reading specialist and former homeschool mom to our four children I have used this program with children of all abilities and have had success You can make the workbook pages more 'hands on' with a little creativity I am now introducing this program to my grandchildren! Remember reading good books of all types with your children is vital to any program!
September 4, 2012
I have used this program for all four of my children and I think it is the best phonics program available It is well worth the money and everything but the inexpensive workbooks and the prizes is reusable for subsequent learners With the games songs and activities it touches all learning styles and is very memorable It teaches every possible phonics rule and an adult friend who was homeschooled using this program still remembers the songs and rules The program is easy to use and makes the child feel like a success because the colorful readers only use words the child can "sound out" All of my children read above grade level with excellent comprehension and good spelling The only thing we did not enjoy were the long word lists but I did not make my kids test on every word and they still do very well with their spelling I would love everyone to seriously consider using this program
September 2, 2012
The activities for learning letters turned out to be the same three or four worksheet activities for each letter If your child really thrives on knowing what to expect and repetition he/she will love it I heard a lot of "But we already did that Are we going to have to do this for every letter?" That said it improves a lot for level 1 The only problem I had was that the readers included all the same characters illustrated in exactly the same style I guess that provides some continuity but it might add some interest for there to be a bit more variety In the end I ended up branching out For the money I think Phonics Pathways is probably a better bet My kids really did love the CD/songs though
May 15, 2009
I enjoyed using the SSRW K-1 kits The teacher's manuals were very well organized and made it easy to teach (it even came with an instructional video for the parent) My daughter used it from 3-5 years old with ease As a kinesthetic/auditory learner the singing and games kept her very interested We took the daily kindergarten coloring sheets a step further by allowing her to glue glitter feathers googly eyes etc on them The only "negative" was the long spelling lists at such a young age While I did make her read and trace them I would only make her do one column each lesson and I did not test her on them (as the book suggests) Despite that she is an excellent reader now! I would highly recommend this program for children who love to wiggle and sing! I also use/support ABEKA but found it didn't captivate my young child's attention like SSRW However once we completed the SSRW program I was able to transition her right into the 2nd grade ABEKA phonics with no problem She is currently reading at a 4th grade level SSRW helped instill a love for reading in her!
May 30, 2008
Although the phonics teachings are sound we found this program to be too "worksheet/workbook" oriented for our children We used it with both our kindergartener and first grader (both boys) and found that even with the cute race car track they were more interested in the prize box than anything else It is a good program but it just didn't work for our family
March 25, 2008
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Its what my mother used to teach me to read :)
Jennifer B on Sep 24, 2018
Chose this to help my kiddos learn to read! My mom used this when homeschooling us.
Laura J on Aug 28, 2018
Its what my mother used to teach me to read :)
Jennifer B on Sep 24, 2018
I learned to read using this program 25 years ago. I am now homeschooling my own children and thrilled that Sing Spell Read and Write is still available. I remember it being fun, engaging, and gave me a lifelong love of reading.
Anna G on Sep 5, 2018
Chose this to help my kiddos learn to read! My mom used this when homeschooling us.
Laura J on Aug 28, 2018
Several experienced homeschool mom's have said this is the best route for fast and fun reading and writing.
Andrew D on Aug 24, 2018
It seems like a well-rounded curriculum, it has good reviews, and it was the best price out of all the other online stores
Danielle K on Aug 20, 2018
We will be homeschooling our oldest in September, this program was suggested to us, after lots of research we have decided to go with it! It is near impossible to find this combo kit in Canada, so we came across your website and are having it shipped to a post office box near our province of British Columbia! thanks!
Ryan H H on Aug 14, 2018
I used it 15 years ago with my son and he loved it. I am using the SSRW preschool program with my daughter and I just want to be ready to move on.
Lydia M on Aug 13, 2018
This kit came highly recommended by a family member.
dawnae s on Aug 7, 2018
My daughter used this in school and it worked really well, both with typical students and students with Down Syndrome. Now I'm ordering it for my son who has struggled with learning to read.
Laura F on Jul 25, 2018
I used this program as a child and am very excited to continue the education now with my daughter! It was fun and enjoyable as a child and my daughter is already looking forward to it...especially the treasure chest feature.
Allison R on Jul 9, 2018
Reading online reviews, some people fussed that it was too expensive, but nobody complained about it not working to teach their child to read. I thought that was telling, as with other systems there is always some feedback of "This did NOT work for my child," etc.
Kristen P on Jul 2, 2018
Good foundational materials
Jhogie Q on Jun 24, 2018
heard it was good program
Karen D on Jun 23, 2018
A friend recommended it
Stuart S on May 28, 2018
Highly recommended!
Mary B on May 3, 2018
Recommended by a friend
Hee Jean K on Feb 20, 2018
A friend recommended this curriculum
A LARISSA T on Oct 28, 2017
My daughter used this in her kindergarten class, we are homeschooling this year so I wanted something she was familiar with.
Heather H on Sep 10, 2017
I homeschooled my 4 children and all of them used SSRW. My youngest daughter is now a public school teacher and plans to use this program with her Special Needs students. Love SSRW.
Janet T on Aug 19, 2017
Highly recommended by a seasoned homeschool Mom. She has used this program successfully for 3 children!
Wendy B on Jul 6, 2017
This is the curriculum I learned to read with, and have amazing memories! I wanted the same with my kids and love the fun, interactive approach this curriculum uses.
April H on Jun 6, 2017
I am buying this for my homeschooled grandchildren. I used Sing, Spell, Read & Write with my 4 children when I homeschooled and loved it. It was fun, easy, and they just thought they were playing games and singing songs.
Sandra G on Apr 30, 2017
We will be using this to homeschool our kids this upcoming year
Bryan J on Apr 27, 2017
Recommended by a friend!
Sherae H on Mar 27, 2017
Heard great reviews and want to teach my children to read with fun songs!
Katharine C on Mar 25, 2017
This exact program was used by my husbands family when they were learning. They all agreed that it worked well.
Tara H on Jan 10, 2017
School for my daughter
Matthew C on Jan 7, 2017
for homeschooling
Marie Cecile A on Dec 14, 2016
My friends have used this product and have successfully educated their young children. I love how this program is a complete curriculum. You can finish each lesson and know you covered everything necessary in that lesson with a step by step approach.
Celida R on Dec 9, 2016
I am a private tutor ( for 20 years). SSRW is the best reading system in the country. It is particularly effective for dyslexic and right brain dominant children, which is my special focus as a tutor. They learn best with music, color, games, fun, systems and patterns. SSRW has all that. Phonics gives them the system, and SSRW's phonics system is perfect. I have to design right brain curriculum for many subjects, including math. But never for reading--I just plug in SSRW and go!
Julia J W on Aug 31, 2016
I used this to teach my now 23 year old how to read at age 6. She was reading on a 4th grade level before we even finished the book. My son is 5 and my grandson 3 it is time to teach them how to read. I would NOT choose anything else. All lesson plans included. I just have to open the book and read what it says. I was also able to help a friends child who was not catching on to reading in second grade. 1 month and she took off. She was just missing a few key elements.
Kimberly L on Aug 23, 2016
This was highly recommended to me by MANY homeschooling friends. When I looked at the materials, it seemed simple to use, comprehensive and I liked the way to all flowed together.
Kristie U on Aug 10, 2016
I chose this item because I have heard only good things about it.
Keisha H on Aug 9, 2016
It is what my mom used with my sisters and loved, it also starts at a slower pace than others
Kassy M on Jul 29, 2016
a friend's referral
Yancy R on Jul 19, 2016
I have heard great things about sing spell read and write and I cant wait to use it for my girls.
Britney S on Jul 5, 2016
A certified teacher referred this program to my kids as the best available. We had some difficulties with other programs we worked with. I am looking forward to work with them at home.
Fernanda M on Jun 14, 2016
4th child, and still haven't found a good phonics program that we like... Hoping this will be the answer!
Vanessa V on Jun 4, 2016
Highly recommended by the women at my church as an excellent phonics program to start off with!
Nichelle C on Apr 26, 2016
Many of my homeschooling friends have used this curriculum successfully with their children. I decided to give it a try.
Phillip P on Apr 4, 2016
My SIL uses it, and so do several other homeschool parents I know. They all rave about it. My 4 year old is close to reading and really wants to read. Several people have said this is the gateway to reading for young children. Her goal is to be reading before she turns 5 in July, and I want to help her get there!
Brittany H on Mar 24, 2016
To teach my son to read and write English, while he learns to read and write Greek at school.
Michele B on Mar 23, 2016
Excellent results.
Alaina M on Mar 22, 2016
A friend of mine recommended this after her son learned to read so successfully using this program. I am looking forward to trying this with my 5 year old.
Jeffrey D on Mar 9, 2016
I taught my children how to read and write with Sing Spell Read and Write. It worked out well! Now I am purchasing one for my grandson.
Mary S on Mar 9, 2016
We have been using My Fathers World, ( I love it ) although, I am unhappy with the way my 5 year old is learning to read, or not learning. I was homeschooled and had a very hard time learning to read, after three different curriculums my mom used, and many tears from both of us, I finally learned to read myself with Sing Spell Read and Write, and actually enjoyed it. Hoping the same for my sweet but frustrated 5 year old.
Shawna D on Mar 6, 2016
Used by my husband when he was homeschooled and he is an amazing reader and speller! Looking forward to the great results with our homeschooled children as well.
Virginia P on Feb 1, 2016
Great program! I'm so excited to use these materials to teach my son how to read!
Christine K on Jan 21, 2016
first time home-schooler! Starting from square 1. This program was recommended by my sister who used it with her children with much success.
Marti K S on Oct 22, 2015
I learned to read using this program 25 years ago. I am now homeschooling my own children and thrilled that Sing Spell Read and Write is still available. I remember it being fun, engaging, and gave me a lifelong love of reading.
Anna G on Sep 5, 2018
Several experienced homeschool mom's have said this is the best route for fast and fun reading and writing.
Andrew D on Aug 24, 2018
Does the teachers manual for K and first grade??
A shopper on Jul 29, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The teacher's manual is for the first grade portion. For the kindergarten material, all there is is a little pamplet.
Has this product been used with tier 3 intervention?
A shopper on Jan 17, 2017
Does this specific Combo Kit include the race car clings? Do I have to purchase the race cars separately?
A shopper on Dec 8, 2016
Sing, Spell, Read and Write Kindergarten and Level 1 Combo Kit with FREE Incentive Bag Homeschool Edition
Sing, Spell, Read and Write Kindergarten and Level 1 Combo Kit with FREE Incentive Bag Homeschool Edition
Sing, Spell, Read and Write Level 1 Raceway Cars Static Clings (5)
Sing, Spell, Read and Write Level 1 Raceway Cars Static Clings (5)
BEST ANSWER: Clings were included with my kit. I think the extra clings are if you need a replacement for a subsequent child or lost them.
We love this program, I'm currently using it with my third and fourth child. :)
If you have already used a different curriculum how do you know which level to begin with?
A shopper on Mar 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The kindergarten level is really basic and is basically reviewed in the 1st grade level- just at a quicker pace. I've not seen the second grade level yet, so I'm not sure where it begins. If you've done very much of another curriculum, I'd probably at least start with level one instead of Kindergarten.
id this good product?
A shopper on Dec 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I love this program! I learned to read with it when I was a kid, and now am using this updated version with my son. Catchy songs that I loved as a kid, and my kids like them too. It may sound expensive, but it has games, music, work books, and readers.
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