Exploring Creation with Biology Student Study & Lab Notebook 2nd Edition

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Item #: 058354
ISBN: 9781940110127
Grades: 9-10
Author: Vicki Dincher

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Publisher: Apologia
Pub. Date: 2014
Pages: 604
Language: English

About Exploring Creation with Biology Student Study & Lab Notebook 2nd Edition

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Very useful for organizing and studying
Super happy with this resource. It helps my daughter organize her notes. And gives a lot of direction as to what to include in her notes. It’s been super useful to help her know what to study and organize and plan out her year to ensure that she will be finished the curriculum on time.
May 16, 2019
1 year ago
We also have the video Lab explanations that has made this course a complete and excellent course in which my 9th graders have been able to work through mostly independently and with solid understanding of the material.
February 27, 2019
5 months ago
I think that the Biology series is quite thorough; I especially love that it is from the Creation aspect. I would definitely recommend them
Nada Scurto
July 2, 2018
1 year ago
Time saver and organizer
It saved our family time to have all the On Your Own questions, Study Guide questions, and lab templates pre-written. It helps the students keep all their notes, OYO answers, Study Guide answers, and lab reports in one place.
April 7, 2018
over 2 years ago
Great product!
This really helps for students turning in homework and labs. Makes lab writeups, questions, study guides, etc much easier to complete.
October 7, 2017
1 year ago
Very mom friendly! Schedule is a time-saver
Apologia texts are written in a conversational style that is so pleasant to read--even the high school texts. The journals have a ready-made schedule that is complete and thorough. Just open the book and begin! Personally I work best with curriculum that is extremely well scheduled, engaging, colorful, fun, and offers well-presented and living books/texts so that I can be proud to have it on my bookshelf for years to come. Apologia science books, paired with their journals (which look great in your kids' portfolios), achieve all of those for me. I have already needed to reference past Apologia texts when I remembered something that I had read in past years. They are a beautiful collection and just fun to read!
September 16, 2017
1 year ago
Much needed tool to be used with textbook
I have used this Biology without this tool previously, however I wish now I would have had this tool then. Very helpful for both student and parent to help grasp a difficult textbook for some students. Works well as a study guide especially if your student is being taught in a classroom setting.
January 2, 2016
over 3 years ago
Well worth it!
Module, review and summary questions with answer spaces provided. (No more copying questions from end of modules or back of textbook.) Ample space for lab notes and summaries. Everything in once place and in order makes for easier study. Won't be without lab notebooks for subsequent Apologia high school sciences!
November 3, 2015
over 3 years ago
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Rainbow Resource Center Store
We have found the notebook and lab reports to be a must have accompaniment to the text.
Julie L on Jul 15, 2019
Classical Conversations Challenge II
Annemarie H on Jul 8, 2019
We have found the notebook and lab reports to be a must have accompaniment to the text.
Julie L on Jul 15, 2019
I believe this will focus my students' attention on the important things in the text, and cause them to think more critically about certain things they read.
Julia K on Jul 12, 2019
Classical Conversations Challenge II
Annemarie H on Jul 8, 2019
It is being used in my co-op.
Wayne M on Jul 1, 2019
I love this course! My son took it and only finished 2/3 of the book but that was enough to score very highly on state exams. I want to use this curriculum for all my kids.
Lisa M on May 17, 2019
I like the formatting of this book. It has an easy to follow daily lesson plan in the front to keep track of where my child should be each day.
Alexis C on May 6, 2019
9th grade science class next year
Vita M on Apr 30, 2019
Rainbow Resource Center had the best price I could find for these items!
Corinthia U on Apr 27, 2019
Great way to learn Biology
Michelle W on Apr 16, 2019
Son is doing Biology this year
Ginger H on Apr 9, 2019
High school daughter is taking Biology this year
Ginger H on Apr 9, 2019
To go along with the textbook I purchased
Michelle M on Mar 19, 2019
We have used all of the books in this line and loved them
Brandon C on Mar 3, 2019
I have an additional student and wanted an extra notebook for him to do his own work.
MELISSA C on Feb 13, 2019
I needed an extra student books since I will have 2 kids doing Biology at the same time.
Amber B on Jan 27, 2019
Made the studying more fun and organized for the student.
Melissa R on Oct 6, 2018
My son actually asked for this book, it is not required by his teacher. He is a planner and organizer and he wanted this book to help him stay that way in his biology class. Also, this book is less expensive here than at other on line sites.
Suzanne P on Sep 25, 2018
This looks like a very good biology course.
DEENA R on Sep 19, 2018
We enjoy having the questions & labs written out in student notebook.
Deborah H on Sep 12, 2018
The curriculum my kids are using
Pistol Pete on Sep 7, 2018
Helps the students to glean out important concepts from the text which is a litttle wordy and overwhelming for some students. It is written in such a way that it helps the students to develop the skills for college level courses.
Jan C on Sep 6, 2018
Love the organization of the course in the notebook. Makes it easy for students to work independently.
wendy l on Sep 4, 2018
homeschool biology
AMY M on Aug 30, 2018
Very helpful addition to the curriculum
Lori H on Aug 28, 2018
student needs
Karen T on Aug 26, 2018
My kids appreciate the layout of the student notebook in addition to the breakdown of what is due each week.
Amie P on Aug 21, 2018
Because this has the lab materials and would look more creditable if I needed to prove we did a lab for biology.
Tara K on Aug 18, 2018
Our tutorial program uses this book. The student notebook will help keep the assignments all in one place.
Crystal H on Aug 18, 2018
I've heard great recommendations on this product, and your website offered it at a great price.
Adrienne E on Aug 17, 2018
We have used this notebook with older students. We have also used notebooks for other books in this series. My kids & I like them. They help keep them organized and save me from making extra copies.
Cathleen K on Aug 17, 2018
Did not even know this student lab notebook existed! This would have been incredibly helpful last year for my sons when we studied Physical Science. This year we are studying biology so I did not even hesitate to purchase one for each of my guys. This resource will make a super tough class just a little bit easier...and the price was definitely cheaper hat Rainbow Resource Center than ordering directly through the publisher. Worth every penny!
Kimberly C on Aug 15, 2018
A great companion for the curriculum - especially for students who lack organization. This keeps it all neat in one place.
Amanda P on Aug 14, 2018
We used the General Science version of this notebook. Thought THAT was a great resource for organizing a lot of info - helped highlight key parts. Thinking this product will do the same. Also good to have everything in one place.
Kevin And Jozina P on Aug 13, 2018
Required for Biology class
Jessica B on Aug 13, 2018
I heard it was great for the student to have to add their notes, etc to go along with the textbook.
Angie P on Aug 13, 2018
Tutorial requires it.
Julie A on Aug 12, 2018
required book for a class
Brenda M on Aug 11, 2018
Using the student notebooks for my son has really helped him have a more positive attitude toward his note taking.
Carisa M on Aug 11, 2018
I want to use this to create an honors level course with my 10th grader who has already had environmental science.
Sarah H on Aug 10, 2018
very helpful book for keeping students on track of the work they need to complete
Lisa H on Aug 10, 2018
Homeschooling my 9th grader and starting with Biology. This book was highly recommended by a friend.
SHERRI B on Aug 9, 2018
Homeschool study guide for Biology
Paula P on Aug 9, 2018
very smart curriculum, easy to use, respectful of home school
Nichole P on Aug 9, 2018
The notebooking Journals are great for helping kids memorized details they have learned.
User on Aug 6, 2018
Required for school
Laura H on Aug 5, 2018
Need for a co-op class
Erica B on Aug 2, 2018
school requirement
Dana B on Aug 1, 2018
this looks to be a great addition to an already outstanding course I have used for many years.
Julia M on Jul 29, 2018
I like having one place for my son to answer the questions etc...for this curriculem.
Becca H on Jul 27, 2018
these workbooks are so helpful
Gina M on Jul 27, 2018
I believe this will focus my students' attention on the important things in the text, and cause them to think more critically about certain things they read.
Julia K on Jul 12, 2019
It is being used in my co-op.
Wayne M on Jul 1, 2019
can this be used with the CD version and no textbook?
A shopper on Aug 11, 2018
BEST ANSWER: If it’s the book on CD that does into depth of the concepts and not the multimedia companion, I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t. It has all the experiments and some of the book info, and lab pages for the student to use as well as the extra reviews. I hope this helps.
Does this notebook have "holes" to put in a 3 ring binder? I know it has a spiral binding, but wondering if I can remove and use a binder? The one on the Apologia Website (in the information video) shows that it does have holes. The picture on Rainbow does not. Can you help?
User on Aug 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The notebooks that we are currently stocking do not have 3-ring binder holes in them.
Is this new?
Dolphin on Jul 19, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, all our products are new. We do not carry used material.
Does the student notebook include tests? We are borrowing text and test answer key but need to buy tests. ?? This student notebook looks wonderful. Wish we had had one for Physical Science!!
A shopper on Aug 3, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The notebook does not include the tests. However, if you have the textbook and the separate this book which has the tests and solutions, you are okay. You've got everything you need.
What this notebook includes is all in the textbook. It has lined pages to take notes as they read and it has the experiments with room to take notes and write conclusions. The textbook has On Your Own questions interspersed in each chapter, but the notebook has each chapter's OYO questions together in one place.
The textbook has the Study Guide questions at the end of each chapter, but it has them all in the notebook, too, with space to answer them.
Then the textbook has the Optional Summary for each chapter/module in a glossary in the back of the textbook. In the notebooking journal, these are included with each chapter, too. Plus space to write the answer, of course!
So everything that's in the textbook, but in a very nicely printed notebook, space for notes and answers, and all in one place. Plus, there is a suggested schedule in the front of the notebook, too! This has helped us a great deal, making everything convenient an keeping to all together.
Is there an answer key for the student notebook? I've used a notebooking journal for Apologia's elementary science, which relied on the back of the textbook for answers. Wondering if this is set up the same way.
User on Feb 26, 2016
BEST ANSWER: There is not a separate answer key for just the notebook. However, the answers to the "On Your Own" questions are found at the end of the chapter in the student text. All answers to the "Study Guide" questions and the "Optional Chapter Summaries" are found in the Solutions and Tests book. My 9th grade daughter finds the setup of the student notebook helpful for studying the material in preparation for the tests. In the back of the student book is a lab notebook which contains all of the experiments in the text. It is very convenient to have all of the student work located in one place.
Exploring Creation with Biology Solution Manual w/ Tests
Exploring Creation with Biology Solution Manual w/ Tests
I have a 1st edition textbook. Could this be used successfully with that edition or are there too many changes?
A shopper on Dec 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It would depend on how many changes the author made to the text. The notebook is very specific to the text. At the end of each section of the text, there are questions to be answered. The notebook has these exact questions in it along with space to answer them. It also contains a study guide section with questions from the entire section to help the child prepare for the test. Its a wonderful resource.
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