Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra Expanded Edition

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Item #: 046232
ISBN: 9781937032111
Grades: 7-12

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Publisher: Z-twist Books

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Category Description for Life of Fred Middle / High School Series

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We Love Fred Books!
As always these books are great. Even though my daughter is in school now, we still bought these books to supplement her learning!
April 26, 2017
over 2 years ago
A friend highly recommended this whole series of books
A friend recommended this series when i mentioned that my son was struggling with traditional math curriculum. This is my fifth child, and the first one to not do well in math. As soon as we started Life of Fred, I saw an obvious difference immediately. He was now enjoying math! Since the lessons are written in story form, he regularly comes to me to read something new that he's learned. This is our third year using this series, and my son is now in the eighth grade and doing beginning algebra. I've enthusiastically recommended it to several friends.
April 4, 2016
over 3 years ago
Life of Fred Algebra
As a retired teacher and now homeschool mom, I know how important it is for a child to learn to read a math book. For the first time, my son (7th grade) is reading math examples and checking his notes to help him complete problems. This book is providing him with math concepts as well as great math study techniques. Well done!
November 27, 2015
over 3 years ago
Math can be fun.
My boys enjoy Fred. They have both struggled to retain math knowledge and skills with Bob Jones math, Saxon math, and Making Math Meaningful. Life of Fred takes a slightly different approach while reviewing all of the skills a student should master. Laughing while reading a math textbook? You bet.
November 17, 2015
over 4 years ago
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Affordable with excellent reviews.
Shandell W on Jul 24, 2019
We have used Life of Fred Decimals and Percents, Fractions and all of the PreAlgebra books and are thankful that Life of Fred continues with Beginning Algebra. I have a student who asks why, a LOT, and Life of Fred has helped her in understanding the why behind math.
Roshelle S. on May 22, 2019
Affordable with excellent reviews.
Shandell W on Jul 24, 2019
tried everything else hoping this is a good fit for my son
Jennifer W on Jul 19, 2019
We have used Life of Fred Decimals and Percents, Fractions and all of the PreAlgebra books and are thankful that Life of Fred continues with Beginning Algebra. I have a student who asks why, a LOT, and Life of Fred has helped her in understanding the why behind math.
Roshelle S. on May 22, 2019
To supplement a pre-AP algebra class.
Jennifer D on May 4, 2019
I chose this book in order to continue with the Life of Fred series.
User on Feb 6, 2019
My right brain children will benefit from this unique approach to teaching mathematics.
Laura G on Jan 24, 2019
My children having been using the LOF books for about 5 years now & this is the next book we need.
Adam D on Jan 23, 2019
My son is struggling in math and I have read the reviews for Life of Fred and I'm hoping this will help him to understand algebra better.
Melissa V on Sep 18, 2018
We are purchasing this for another family who have seen the other Life of Fred books we have used and would like to try this for their daughter.
Deborah H on Sep 12, 2018
My son thrives on the story-telling learning style in Life of Fred! He's a hands-on mathematical kind of guy, and this fits him perfectly!
Amanda L on Sep 12, 2018
Have been using Schmidt's books and believe they are very effective for a kid who is good in math but not in love with math.
Kathleen A on Jul 27, 2018
Classical, engaging, critical thinking, problem solving.
Melanie B on Mar 2, 2018
next book needed in series
Rachel L on Jan 11, 2018
I read the material on their website and was convinced they had a different approach that could help my daughter who is convinced she has dyscalculia. Hopeful this will be what she needs.
Ruth M on Nov 2, 2017
I am always impressed with the depth and breadth of this curriculum. Don't let the fun nature and low count of problem sets scare or put you off. The author understands how children learn and remember things, and he uses that knowledge to teach math in the most creative way. We started L.O.F. when my daughter first started high school. We started with Kidneys and for all the books she was to complete two lessons/day. LOF has helped us to catch up and there are no more tears in our home.
Lisanne D on Sep 6, 2017
We love learning with the Life of Fred series!
Michelle S on Sep 3, 2017
We have been very pleased with the math series so far, so plan to continue using Life of Fred for high school.
Kelly P on Aug 21, 2017
Some of my kids need to "think outside the box" and "Life of Fred" books help them do this.
Bonnie J on Aug 13, 2017
Need a basic Algebra test for my son to review his 9th grade Algebra course. Based on your review, it seems like it will fit the bill.
Lisa P on Jul 21, 2017
Continuing the series that my son loves to read for fun, not just for school.
Camden K C on Jul 8, 2017
My daughter struggled with Saxon and thought we'd try something new.
Melissa J on Apr 29, 2017
My teens burned out using Khan Academy for math after 6th grade (we loved Singapore Primary Math), and we're trying Life of Fred.
Suzette P on Apr 12, 2017
Our kids like reading the crazy stories about Fred, and they really have to THINK and understand the math concepts to pass the bridges/tests. These books really focus on self learning, self grading, and really understanding how math works.
Leslie I on Jan 30, 2017
We've used earlier books in this series and loved them. Also, I had a really nice Live Chat conversation, during which time your staff member helped me find the correct items and answered questions I had.
Heather M on Jan 30, 2017
My daughter is homeschooled and this book will help her earn 1 credit of high school math-algebra 1.
Danielle S on Nov 23, 2016
Good reviews
Tequitia A on Aug 8, 2016
We have several Life of Fred titles but not this one. I love to use Fred in addition to another math curriculum so my students see the material in different ways.
Janice D on Jul 18, 2016
We have been looking for an interesting algebra curriculum for a failing high school student. This seemed to get his attention, so we are giving it a try.
Jennifer C on Jul 8, 2016
My daughter at nine had a twelfth grade reading level, but if you asked her what was 9 + 6 she would look at you like a deer in the headlights. Then we were introduced to Fred. The rest is history. She absolutely loves math (even though arithmetic sometimes still gets her down) and can hardly wait to get to the next book. We use these books over and over, read them for fun, read aloud to friends and family, and use them as a launching board for research into all types of interesting subjects
Sarah Y on Jul 4, 2016
I wanted to update our current version. We love Life of Fred!
Henry R on Jul 3, 2016
To help my daughter learn Algebra fundamentals. Also, this was suggested by sales representative.
Susan I on Jun 17, 2016
We love Life of Fred. I have the older edition and decided to upgrade.
Dawn I on Apr 19, 2016
We love Life Of Fred and are excited to continue in the series.
P B on Mar 29, 2016
rave reviews; the samples on the website really helped as our homeschool convention is not until may, where i could hold the materials; child is struggling with algebra, but loves to read; thought this would be a great fit!
Melissa W on Mar 20, 2016
Life of Fred series helps my boys because of the writing style. These are not like normal math texts.
Jennifer H on Feb 10, 2016
I chose Life of Fred because it revolutionizes math for my children. It makes math fun but sneaks the important facts into the brain while nobody is looking :)
Elissa K on Dec 12, 2015
homeschool book
Janice T on Dec 11, 2015
My kids use Saxon, but we supplement with Life of Fred for additional information, extra practice and understand, and those times when we can't do a full math lesson, but don't want to completely skip math. This week is Thanksgiving, for example, and I needed them to still do math on Monday and Tuesday, but I couldn't help, because I was baking and preparing for the holiday. So, Life of Fred it is!
Candace W on Nov 27, 2015
I am hoping this will help my son understand algebra.
User on Nov 18, 2015
Excellent reviews
Kathleen B on Oct 28, 2015
tried everything else hoping this is a good fit for my son
Jennifer W on Jul 19, 2019
To supplement a pre-AP algebra class.
Jennifer D on May 4, 2019
Is this a stand alone math curriculum that can prepare for HS exams?
User on May 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The author claims it is, and I believe it. It is quite rigorous, despite the small average number of problems. it is the only math curriculum my son is using. He just completed Advanced Algebra and will be doing Geometry next school year. He has had no trouble keeping up in his Chemistry class this year (with all of the equations and calculations) and will be taking Physics next year, which is also heavy on math.
How do you assign grades when answers are in student book?
Kim F on Nov 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Assigning grades is easy. There are three tests (called cities) at the end of each chapter. If you think it would be too tempting for your student to look at the solutions, you could
1. Make a copy of the last test and give that (keep the book) as an evaluation for each chapter, or
2. Simply watch your student take the last test (or other test of choice) and then base the grade on the score and ease/difficulty he had in completing the test. For example, if he confidently completes the test and gets his answers correct, he certainly has earned an "A".

Since there are three tests, you have options: two can be practice, one can be a graded test, or one practice one graded, and one "second chance" graded test... there are lots of possibilities. Also, the tests are cumulative, so quarterly and final exams are not necessary; just average the scores of all the chapter tests.
what is different about the expanded version?
Stephanie A on Oct 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The expanded edition is already broken into daily lessons - no need to consult another book to see how to break up the material. It also includes complete solutions to all the problems, something the older edition does not. You could still easily use the older book with the Home Companion, but it was worth it me to invest in the expanded edition.
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