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Item #: 024422
ISBN: 9781591413479
Grades: 4-5

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Publisher: Saxon Publishers
Edition: 3rd
Grade Range: 4 to 5

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My daughter did exceptionally well in math on her state testing this year and I credit Saxon. She was able to do most of the lessons on her own which really helped me with balancing time. We weren't able to finish the book, but that might be from taking a month off to have a baby in the middle of the school year.
I'd highly recommend Saxon!
July 1, 2019
1 year ago
On it's second use
We used this for 2 of our children, very effective, very complete. My children score very high on our required standards in math.
February 11, 2019
over 3 years ago
Love it
I had heard others say good things about Saxon math. I do like it for me and for my 11 yr old.
April 5, 2018
1 year ago
Smooth Purchase Experience
Nice website. Smooth Purchase Experience!
March 23, 2018
Simple and clear
My daughter was having trouble with another math program. This one has helped her improve, especially with the daily drills. Good curriculum
October 29, 2017
1 year ago
Saxon is great
Saxon math is great. It brings us back to basic arithmetic; none of the common core math that doesn't do our kids any good. So happy with Saxon and won't be using anything else!!
October 18, 2017
1 year ago
Saxon Math is the best!
My child is one who dreads doing school work. I got him Saxon Math, and he told me that he actually really likes it. Since starting this program, I have not had to fight with him to do his work!
February 15, 2017
over 2 years ago
My children and now myself for tutoring have used Saxon, during the last 30 years.
February 10, 2017
over 2 years ago
Saxon Math is great in so many ways, but this next step (5/4 edition) offers more independent learning and practice.
October 19, 2016
over 2 years ago
Just what we needed.
This math curriculum is just what we needed. I like the review in each lesson and the fact that there are plenty of problems per lesson, without going 'over board'. I also like that it is in black and white, much less distracting that color illustrations for my adhd learner. An added bonus is that it is consumable.
November 10, 2015
over 3 years ago
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Keenan B on Aug 12, 2019
friend recommended
Stephanie R on Jul 31, 2019
Keenan B on Aug 12, 2019
I used Saxon in high school. I like the program and, as a teacher and homeschooler, I need to teach my child through proven methods with which I am familiar.
MECCA M on Aug 7, 2019
friend recommended
Stephanie R on Jul 31, 2019
We tested out and this is what we need
Tara S on Jul 27, 2019
same as above
Dieter J on Jul 20, 2019
I like the continual review of concepts Saxon provides.
Shawna M on Jul 18, 2019
It came highly recommended and I thought the structure within the curriculum was useful.
Regan A on Jul 17, 2019
We have loved Saxon Math. My kids are flying through it! The concepts are practiced over and over which makes it easier for them to understand.
Andrew A on Jun 17, 2019
We have used Saxon Math since kindergarten and have been very pleased with the results.
Lori D on Jun 8, 2019
We did Math Mammoth for a few years and we were ready for a change. Online programs were not a good fit for us. Math Mammoth was sometimes confusing and too much work. My daughter needs a solid program as we approach middle school. Saxon is highly recommended.
Liza F on May 25, 2019
Robinson Curriculum
Glenis M on May 13, 2019
We just finished up Saxon 4.
Shamar J on May 7, 2019
We have had success with Saxon Homeschool Math products this year.
Holly S on May 7, 2019
We used Saxon 3, and really liked it, so we want to continue with the program.
Danna B on Apr 29, 2019
Robinson Curriculum.
Glenis M on Mar 31, 2019
We purchased this set to prepare my son to enter into grade level at a local classical school that uses this curriculum. We have used Math U See for 10 years and have enjoyed it but need to help child adjust to a new curriculum.
Susie W on Mar 6, 2019
Continuing in our Saxon math program
Tonya L on Mar 6, 2019
I've used Abeka math with my oldest through the 3rd grade which has been very solid. But I've read great things about Saxon and also wanted an independent study method for math for 4th grade and up. So I'm going to give it try.
Sharon L on Mar 2, 2019
While the format is different from earlier grades, the same spiral approach leads to mastery. The Supplemental Practice really helps cement concepts which need extra practice.
Nicole H on Feb 22, 2019
Best price
Debbi C on Jan 10, 2019
it was recommended by another homeschool teacher
Colleen P on Jan 9, 2019
I have used Saxon Math in the past with my children so I know it is perfect for my grandchild
Dana H on Dec 16, 2018
Been using Saxon and it works for us
cheryl p on Nov 1, 2018
Have been informed by a homeschooling mom that this is a great program to teach and follow along with, also the price was right.
Laeila K on Oct 26, 2018
I have been very happy with Saxon Math up to this point, so I want to continue using it!
Rebecca J on Oct 23, 2018
We chose the Saxon Math because we wanted a homeschool Math program that would be thorough, easy to follow, and challenging for our son.
Jeremy B on Oct 22, 2018
I needed a math program that has continuous review of previous material.
Sharon R on Oct 17, 2018
My son wants to stop his online curriculum for something hands on and his older sister uses Saxon and likes it. This also will prepare him for the type of math on the SAT/ACTs.
Christine D on Sep 8, 2018
Have had great experiences with this curriculum
Laine H on Aug 31, 2018
part of the homeschool curriculum
Catherine C on Aug 21, 2018
Because Saxon Math is excellent curriculum!!
Lindsay B on Aug 12, 2018
recommended for homeschooling
widaad z on Aug 10, 2018
best math curriculum
Stephanie M on Aug 5, 2018
Switching to Saxon from TT for a more thorough coverage of math.
Rachel S on Aug 2, 2018
It's the level my child needs.
Rachel K on Jul 31, 2018
Looking for a detailed solutions material and daily math facts - Saxon has these.
Jill W on Jul 23, 2018
This is recommended by several homeschool friends, and I appreciate the spiral approach, as well as this being non-consumable textbooks.
Dawn Y on Jul 13, 2018
I used Saxon 6/5 with my son and he loved it, so I wanted to start using Saxon Math for my 4rth grade daughter.
Wendy J on Jun 26, 2018
Please tell me why
Mitchell R on Jun 12, 2018
We used Saxon grade 3 and loved it.
Amanda H on May 24, 2018
This will be our second year in the Saxon Math program and it has worked well.
Leslee P on May 10, 2018
Son needs help with math.
Bart N on May 9, 2018
Friends use it and love it.
Amanda W on May 1, 2018
We unschool for most subjects but like to have a formal math curriculum. We had success waiting to start formal math until 4th grade with our first students who are now 21 and 23. We are now starting with our next batch of students who are 10,8, 8, 6, and 4. Saxon has a great system of introducing skills and topics while including academic knowledge outside of math.
Kathleen N on Apr 18, 2018
We have used Saxon Math for several years and are very pleased with the thorough instruction.
Jessica N on Apr 17, 2018
LAUREEN L on Apr 9, 2018
We have used Saxon since the beginning and love it!
Nikki H on Apr 8, 2018
I researched Intermediate 4 vs. Saxon 5/4. It seems to mostly be a style difference. Intermediate 4 is written more like K-3, so if you like that style, and your level of involvement, stick with that. If you think your kiddo is ready for a little bit more self-directed (w/ no workbook) studies, then 5/4 will fit. Since we are year-round homeschoolers, we will probably skip several of the initial lessons as I read there is significant review in the early lessons.
Beckie M on Mar 20, 2018
Great Price and Variety of Products!
Jamey R on Mar 2, 2018
It was recommended for home schooling.
Mary E on Feb 28, 2018
I used Saxon in high school. I like the program and, as a teacher and homeschooler, I need to teach my child through proven methods with which I am familiar.
MECCA M on Aug 7, 2019
We tested out and this is what we need
Tara S on Jul 27, 2019
Is the text to be written in or are problems to be worked out on separate paper?
User on Feb 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Problems are worked out on a separate sheet, with no space for writing in the text. This made me nervous for my very young 4th grader, but with a separate spiral notebook and a ruler, he has really learned the importance of copying numbers accurately, and how essential it is to line up equations.

He mostly self-teaches, asking me questions when the need arises. I don't assign the entire body of work every day, though: he completes 4 lessons per week, alternating even/odd number problems, with one day of only completing the "practice set" (which has usually around 10 problems directly from the lesson).

One last thing which is helpful to know...the next level of Saxon Math, the 6/5 level, begin approximately halfway through the 5/4 text. We plugged through the 5/4 until we were right at the end (there was a family move and some illness, so we got behind), then went right into 6/5, but skipped 50 lessons, and he had no problem. The lesson here is: don't be afraid to go slowly, because the foundation your child is building will serve them very well. Cheers!
What is the difference between this and Intermediate 5?
User on Oct 29, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Saxon Math 5/4 corresponds to Math Intermediate 4 while Saxon Math 6/5 corresponds to Math Intermediate 5.

Math 5/4 and Math Intermediate 4 as well as Math 6/5 and Math Intermediate 5 are similar in terms of scope and sequence and in terms of general format. All have 120 Lessons plus 12 Investigations.

Both provide Saxon’s incremental spiral approach plus lots of review and repetition. Intermediate goes more into detail with the 4-step problem-solving process: 1) under­stand the problem, 2) devise a plan, 3) carry out the plan, and 4) look back (evaluate).

Manipulatives are referenced throughout MI-4 and MI-5 (unlike 5/4 and 6/5), but they are optional. MI-4 and MI-5 are hardcover while 5/4 and 6/5 are softcover. MI-4 and MI-5 are topically aligned to Common Core while technically 5/4 and 6/5 are not.

Most of the differences in the two editions are in the area of supplementals available. Math 5/4 has Saxon Teacher support – as well as DIVE. MI-4 and MI-5 have some supplementary products which can be helpful in certain situations - Written Practice Workbook (consumable worksheets of the Written Practice problems) and the Adaptations Student Workbook (consumable workbook containing adapted versions of the practice problems from the student textbook).

MI-4 and MI-5 also have “Early Finisher Problems” which are enrichment problems that have a real world connection.
which books are needed to offer for saxon 5/4 to offer a homeschooler all they need?
A shopper on Aug 18, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You will need the three books in the Homeschool kit - the student text, the solutions manual, and the tests/worksheets
are the DVDs necessary and who would you recommend them to?
A shopper on Jun 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The DVDs are absolutely not necessary. I bought them and my son watched it only once. He didn’t like being taught by the DVD; he prefers that I teach the concepts. I assumed that at some point I would watch the DVDs in preparation of teaching him, but the math was simple enough that I never needed too. I won’t buy them in the future, because even if I do need to watch a video to prep. for a lesson, there are numerous free sites where I can get some tutoring (i.e.: YouTube and Khan Academy).
Are any manipulatives used with the Saxon5/4 book?
A shopper on May 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The only manipulative I can think of that is used with the 5/4 book is dice. And just on a side note...after using Saxon for the past few years before the 5/4 book I have been very pleased with being able to see the fruit of all the labor with previous books. I feel like my child has really LEARNED so many things.
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