Child's First Book of American History

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Item #: 019474
ISBN: 9781893103412
Grades: 1-6
Author: Earl Schenck Miers
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Publisher: Beautiful Feet Books
Pub. Date: 1955
Pages: 320
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Language: English
Education Level: Elementary

About Child's First Book of American History

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Customer Reviews

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I've said before, I don't have expectations anymore, just hopes. This book is all that I hoped for. Not overwhelming, not intimidating , just basic facts in an entertaining format for a ten year old. I home school, and remembering studying history from my school days, I wanted something that worked better than what I remembered. This is it!!!. Yes, I will recommend this to others!
August 27, 2018
1 year ago
This was assigned with my daughter's history class. Although I was entertained with the way the text is written, I think it was too poetic and she had trouble pulling facts from fiction. There is a lot of dialogue. A bit too much poetic license in the book to use for a history text.
August 1, 2018
1 year ago
Kids had a hard time following along
My kids had a hard time following along and getting interested with these stories with the older way the grammar and English was written. Maybe for older kids, but when I had to stop every few paragraphs and explain what they were saying it took the fun out of it. The pictures look like pencil sketches, so for my 6-11 year old they would rather enjoy full colored pictures and stories that were a little easier to follow along with.

Id recommend reading a full story before purchases to know what you are getting. :)
September 19, 2017
over 2 years ago
Will save for middle to upper elementary
I have a first grader and a K4 student and its over their heads, definitely not a stand alone american history book like I hoped, will save to use with bfbooks pack for intermediate grades.
September 13, 2017
over 2 years ago
Lives up to reviews
Purchased after scouring the internet reviews and history curriculum suggestions. Wonderful book, well written, great pictures.
July 22, 2017
over 2 years ago
Good American History
We purchased this to use as an American history text this year. It is wonderful! The stories mention people otherwise lost to most Am. history stories. Some of the people I don't remember hearing about and I have been home educating for over 23 years. This is a little over my 7 year old's head, but for the other children age 10-16 it is understandable. We add an end of the week timeline, and any thing that interests us mentioned in the story for the day, we add supplement books to. I would purchase this again, for middle or high school students. I read it aloud so we can have conversations about the text while reading.
December 11, 2016
over 2 years ago
Engaging Sweep Through American History
We were looking for an American history book we could complete in one year that would cover the major points but not be overwhelming in length or dry to read. This makes an excellent read-aloud for a wide range of ages and is in very manageable chunks. (My kids range in age from 5-11.) We'd been using Story of the World for several years and this has a similar "story" flavor. Unfortunately it doesn't cover anything past WW2, as it was published in 1955, so we had to find another book for the recent history. It also only talks about Native Americans from the perspective of the Europeans who encountered them, so we are also supplementing with a book from a Native perspective. All in all, this works very well as one of our spine books for a one year study of American History.
October 24, 2015
over 4 years ago
Perfect Summary of What Makes America Great
I can't recommend this book highly enough! It is beautifully written and illustrated, and perfectly summarizes the most significant events in our nation's history. It does so far better than any book for children I have seen. It is well balanced (showing strengths and weaknesses), while focusing on the noble and virtuous in our history.
October 20, 2015
over 4 years ago
After reading through VM Hillyer's books "A Child's History of the World" and "A Child's Geography of the World" I began searching for a book written on the topic of American history in a similar format I did find a book titled �The Rainbow Book of American History � by Earl Schenck Miers which fit the bill However the book had gone out of print Thanks to Beautiful Feet Books this literary gem is back in print for future generations to enjoy To begin with the book has a new name �A Child�s First Book of American History� The book�s layout has been revised and the color illustrations by James Daughtery are bolder and brighter thanks to modern technology �A Child�s First Book of American History� is a storybook written in a narrative format with the author telling his children the story of our country The book covers the time period from Leif Erickson to the dropping of the atomic bomb of World War II To enhance the text James Daughtery has created memorable illustrations to aid the narrative �A Child�s First Book of American History� is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the people places and events which have molded and shaped our nation
June 26, 2013
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Rainbow Resource Center Store
Part of curriculum
Jennifer H on Aug 18, 2019
Required book for History class (literature approach).
Milca R on Jul 10, 2019
Part of curriculum
Jennifer H on Aug 18, 2019
Great price!
Mindy L on Jul 21, 2019
Required book for History class (literature approach).
Milca R on Jul 10, 2019
first history learning for children without democrat lies.
Loren M on Jun 19, 2019
Cathy Duffy top pick. Good jumping off point for American History.
Stacey S on Jun 19, 2019
Highly recommended by Beautiful Feet Books!
Susan L. Prigge on Jan 14, 2019
I was actually looking for a timeline to help simplify American History for a child with special needs, but I couldn't find one that seemed helpful. This looks like an interesting supplement to our curriculum.
Donna S on Oct 2, 2018
I loved the illustrations and the interest I believe it will bring to our study. All American History is a bit dry by itself, in my opinion, so this adds some color, so to speak.
User on Sep 24, 2018
We will be using this as the spine for our 6th grade US history lessons.
Nadege L on Sep 17, 2018
The best fit for our children in grades 2nd and 3rd.
Patrick W on Aug 18, 2018
Book sounds really unique! Great price!!
Madeleine M on Aug 12, 2018
Used by Beautiful Feet
User on Aug 1, 2018
I did a lot of research to determine what product would be best for my child, not by grade level or age, but according to his ability to absorb certain information. I home school. I do not follow a ridged curriculum, I do not reference grade levels. I introduce him to information according to what I recognize as his readiness to learn. After doing my research, I believe this book is the best to introduce him to the beginning of American history.
Walter B on Jul 27, 2018
Bebe K on Nov 27, 2017
Goes along with Modern America curriculum.
Michelle C on Nov 6, 2017
I chose this to supplement our history as our daughter is a voracious reader, and I would rather have all the stories in one book instead of looking for individual library books.
Ann M S on Oct 25, 2017
For Homeschool
Ania C on Sep 25, 2017
This book can be hard to find since it is out of print. Our daughter requested it for homeschooling.
Bridget B on Sep 23, 2017
This is the companion book to Early American Intermediate Study Guide.
Jeannie S on Aug 12, 2017
course requirement
Todd C on Aug 11, 2017
It both thoroughly introduced American history but in a story format that is easier for young children.
Laura C on Aug 9, 2017
looks like a good book to follow for younger grades
Stephanie D on Aug 4, 2017
In our homeschool curriculum
jaime j on Jul 6, 2017
I bought for a read-aloud with my children 1st-6th grade based on recommendations and preview pages.
Rebecca M on Jun 29, 2017
it was highly recommended by a friend.
Stephanie C on Jun 26, 2017
Reviews and the awesome ability to read some pieces from the book! Once I read the first chapter I was sold!!!
User on Jun 21, 2017
This looks like a great way to introduce more stories into our history material through classical conversations
Randi T on Jun 21, 2017
To use with Beautiful Feet American History
Lauren P on May 30, 2017
Recommended by Beautiful Feet Books for history through literature, following a Charlotte Mason approach
Katie on May 10, 2017
Covered the topics desired. Also liked the fact that it is a reprint from days gone by without the political correctness of modern text.
Kimberly A on Feb 20, 2017
JAMES M on Nov 9, 2016
want to try something different for history this year
Steve S on Nov 7, 2016
My 7 year old daughter is interested in history so I need something that is "kid friendly".
Rich S on Oct 26, 2016
It came recommended by our evaluator and it looked like a good old history book of America with real history facts that have not be changed. Older is always better in my opinion
Becky T on Aug 9, 2016
I'm looking for an American History spine for my 2nd grader that is more like a living book, and less like a textbook. I hope this fits the bill!
Bethany N on Aug 4, 2016
Recommended with history curriculum I'm using
Stephanie H on Jul 25, 2016
Excellent reviews and I am looking for a good book to read aloud to my two boys.
Danielle G on Jul 7, 2016
Recommended on a homeschool curriculum list
Jennifer C on Jun 19, 2016
Required text for our history curriculum
Michele C on Jun 3, 2016
Was looking for an interesting American History book for my 2nd grader.
ELAINA C on May 25, 2016
Reviews stated it was a good book for first grade history
Megan S on May 13, 2016
Cathy Duffy reviews
Erin on May 11, 2016
To know what is inside
Lisa C on Apr 26, 2016
Recommended on Cathy Duffy.
Kristina M on Feb 12, 2016
James Daugherty is one of my favorite author/illustrators. His work on America's heritage is unparalleled. This book is an awesome introduction/summary of the important events that shaped our nation. The pictures are great too.
Rebekah D on Feb 6, 2016
It came recommended by a friend.
Casey J on Jan 28, 2016
excellent reviews. It has been compared to American version of Child's History of the World.
rebecca k on Jan 21, 2016
needed it, and good price
jill h on Jan 21, 2016
a comprehensive book to help my 5th grader review important American History points.
Rebecca K on Jan 12, 2016
Our library does not have this book
Robyn S on Dec 19, 2015
Great price!
Mindy L on Jul 21, 2019
first history learning for children without democrat lies.
Loren M on Jun 19, 2019
Is there a work book that comes with ?
A shopper on Sep 18, 2018
BEST ANSWER: There is no workbook. You have to come up with your own activities / discussion questions and lesson plans, if that is what you mean. I prefer the old edition by the same author which is more comprehensive but I believe it is out of print.
Is this hardback or softcover?
A shopper on Feb 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It is softcover. However it is a good, heavy, laminated cover. Well made.
What publication is recommended as a follow-up to A Child’s First Book of American History?
A shopper on Oct 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I recommend a couple of things. First, there's Joy Hakim's 10 book series A History of US. It is fascinating reading, is wonderfully illustrated, and is supported by teaching guides and a web site. I bought the teacher's guides, but did not use them. I just had my kids read the books, and along with some movies and some discussions that was enough. The reading level was fine for my fifth graders, but some people even use A History of US for high school, because it is so comprehensive. If that is too much reading, there is a shorter version called Freedom, a History of Us, which is based upon a video series and also has online support. Personally, I like the series better, because it covers an amazing array of topics. This series is secular and relatively modern as compared to A Child's First Book of American History. If you want a more traditional history written about the same time as A Child's First Book of American History, read on.

Another wonderful way to do early American history is to augment the study with contemporary world history (meaning contemporary to the time you are studying in American history) using Genevieve Foster's books: The World of Columbus and Sons, The World of Captain John Smith, The World of William Penn, George Washington's World, and Abraham Lincoln's World. These amazing books are great reads and are nicely illustrated in black and white. They were written during the 19402-1960s, so the style is similar to A Child's First Book of American History; they are not concerned with political correctness or revisionist history, yet they are not Christian textbooks, either. They give a patriotic view of America. I love the way the books tell not only American history, but also happenings around the world, even though the primary focus is America. These books are ideal for introducing world history and bridging American and world history. There is also Augustus Caesar's World for ancient history, which gives insight to our classical roots. Yes, this is a lot of reading, but it is well worth it.

You can't go wrong with either of these series. I used them both with my kids, and plan to use them with my grandson when he is a little older.Enter an answer to this question.
is this faith based? also, best grades suited for this?
A shopper on Aug 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I used this book to supplement our history curriculum and both of my boys (ages 10 & 5) found it enjoyable as a read-aloud. I was actually quite surprised how much my 5 year old was picking up! Because this book is presented in story form, I believe it's suitable for all ages. It is not faith-based, nor is it secular, as it does not promote or disparage Christian belief. It simply presents the events as they happened.
Are there supplemental books to this? What's the difference between this and the other American history book for primary students by Beautiful Feet?
A shopper on Jan 18, 2017
BEST ANSWER: This is a reprint of an old elementary American history textbook (delightful, by the way). Beautiful Feet has not yet produced supplementals for it - and may not. They are also, not currently using it as part of their resources for their Early American history course. Their courses - both the Primary and the Intermediate - provide a study guide for history using classic children's books as well as some resource books for the teacher. Although they don't specifically say so, it seems like this book would be an excellent accompaniment to those courses.
Is this hardcover or soft?
A shopper on Sep 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Soft cover. The binding and cover are quite durable, though, for a soft cover book.
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