Mid-June 2016 - Consultant article: “Switch Up Your Summer School!”
Also... First Fruits sale Starts, Summer Fun Packs, & Featuring New Summer Items in: Art Exploration, Fitness & Nutrition, Gardening Activities, Math Review, Math & Finance, Travel Fun & Writing Exciting.

June 2016 - Homeschool Dad Article: “Dad Saves the Day?”
Also... Consultant's Choice: Seal of God, New Gift Ideas for Dad: ExploreOne Aurora Telescope, Paper Craft Airplanes, Key Guy, Defending Your Castle, Dads & Daughters & more.

Mid-March 2016 - Consultant article: “The Gold at the End of the Rainbow Booth”.
Also... 2016 Exhibit Schedule, Memoria Press at the Rainbow Booth, New Products: Zaner-Bloser Handwriting, Discovering Design with Chemistry, Geography Drawing USA or Europe & more.

March 2016 - Consultant article: “Standardized Testing… Be Prepared, Not Scared!”
Also... New "Counting to Calculus" Video Workshop, New Test Prep: ACT or SAT Cram Plan Cliff Notes, Barron's Test Practice, Kaplan 2016: 5 Strategies for the New SAT & more.