Item availability


  1. Check the product pages for included components. Immediately below the package description you will see links to the product page for each component in the package, these pages have the individual inventory availability listed for that item.
  2. Call customer service. By calling we can also look up each item and tell you if it is available at the time of your call. Email is not a reliable method for checking availability.
  3. Wait for a backorder email after ordering the package. You will receive an email within 24 hours of ordering if anything from the package is on backorder. You can then call customer service during normal business hours to discuss your options.

Package availability is a little different from regular stock item availability on our website. Instead of having a package inventory, packages are assembled at the point of shipping from components that we also sell separately. The packages listed on our website are simply a combination of items listed at a reduced price and are not packaged together but will arrive as separate items in the box they are shipped. Due to the fact that we do not pre-assemble these packages, our website is not able to display a definitive availability status for each package.