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Curriculum Comparison Charts

Math Curriculum

There are so many different math programs to choose from! If you need help deciding which one will fit your family best, take a look at the comparison chart available below. Also check out our information-packed video on math curriculums.

Download a Math Curriculum Comparison Chart

History Curriculum

Trying to decide between one history program over another? Take a peek at our handy curriculum comparison chart (or watch our video, Sorting Out Social Studies):

Download a History Curriculum Comparison Chart

Science Curriculum

Wondering which science program would be best for your children? View our comparison chart (also, watch our Science Unsnarled workshop video. It might help!):

Download a Science Curriculum Comparison Chart

Download a Microscope Comparison Chart

Language Arts Curriculum

Compare language arts programs to get a better understanding of which subjects are covered in each, including: phonics, reading skills, literary analysis, writing/composition, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and handwriting. For more information on language arts curriculum, watch our Level-Headed Language Arts video.

Download a Language Arts Comparison Chart

Phonics Curriculum

Need help sorting through all the options to teach phonics and reading? Take a look at the comparison chart below. Also, take a look at our informative consultant workshop video: Phonics: More Than Meets the Ear video.

Download a Phonics Program Comparison Chart

Handwriting Curriculum

Compare various handwriting styles and decide which program fits your needs.

Download a Handwriting Program Comparison Chart

Unit Studies

Download a comparison of the Unit Study programs we offer (and watch a video to learn how you can become a Unit Study PRO):

Download a Unit Studies Comparison Chart

Need More?

Do you need more help in finding the curriculum that will work best for you?
Watch our Choosing Curriculum the FAMILY Way consultant workshop video.

Curriculum Worksheets:

Download these worksheets to use as helpful tools for choosing the right curriculum for you and your family or planning your curriculum for each child.

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