Mapping the World With Art Book w/ CD, DVDs

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Mapping the World With Art Book w/ CD, DVDs
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Grades: 5-10
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Customer Review

Renee R. from NC wrote the following on 08/30/2013:
I researched quite a few World Geography programs before finally purchasing Ellen Mc Henry's "Mapping the World with Art" It was an extremely successful purchase decision that I most highly recommend. I am using it in a large homeschool co-op setting for approximately 20 middle and high school students. Almost each drawing is associated with some sort of memorable character that it could be imagined to look like by association to help remember it's name and location. Each lesson has it's corresponding history reading giving lots of information about early exploration and navigators of the globe as well as map making and navigating with astronomy. The kids stayed engaged and connected with the material all the way through each drawing. We loved the additional art projects such as antique parchment maps, painting and model activities, which make great keepsakes, especially if framed. The map drawing practice worksheets, video links, making South America and Africa cookies (recipe included) all have been enriching and fun. There are also very helpful grid set ups and spotting points, continually reviewed to help with accurate proportion and spacing in drawing the world map to scale. There is a lot of attention given to where geographic locations are in relation to the equator, Tropic of Cancer, and Tropic of Capricorn. Used in conjunction with the notebook materials, the DVD's show a step-by-step approx. 15 minute video tutorial, done personally by the notebook's author/inventor, Ellen Mc Henry, for each of the 30 map drawing lessons presented for the most in-experienced at drawing. The 30 lesson schedule plus the final world map project worked out perfectly in a large group setting for me and my group. The drawing tutorials worked out perfectly to fill our 50 minute time slot once a week with a group of that size even with lots of pausing. Get this curriculum, and your kids will end up with a tremendous retention of all of the countries and continents of the world and the early explorers who discovered and mapped it. It's all packaged neatly and easy to open and go, all while having fun and staying challenged. I plan on using this curriculum again in future years to come with our homeschool group!

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