Life of Fred Language Arts: Australia


Life of Fred Language Arts: Australia
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Grades: 9-12
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Celia H. from Ohio wrote the following on 09/14/2015:

The back covers claim that doing the four books in this new language arts series "will take you beyond what most high school graduates and many college English majors know."

My tenth grade daughter just finished the first book, Australia. Because each chapter in the book only had 2 or 3 questions, we opted to do 2 chapters a day with 3 chapters on the last day. It took a total of 9 school days. For the entire book, there were less than 50 questions to answer. It could have been easily done in an afternoon or two.

As long-time fans of the LOF math series, I had high hopes for the LOF language arts series. However, I knew upon my first scan of the newly-arrived book that this new language arts series would not meet my expectations for a high school language arts supplement. I think the best way of teaching grammar skills at the high school level is through editing, so I wanted a supplement to more systematically review grammar, usage, and mechanics, while at the same time not be an overwhelming, full-blown curriculum. Since we love the many adventures of Fred in the math books, I thought the new language arts series would do the trick.

Before I even opened the book, I noticed that it was not very thick (125 pages, plus a 3 page index). Then I opened up the book...true to Fred style are the numerous graphics, but what drew my eye was the huge font size. Honestly, it looks like it's written as an early reader for a 2nd grader. And, now that my daughter is done with the book, the information presented felt mostly 2nd grade level as well. Topics included: indenting the first sentence of a paragraph, punctuation marks to end a sentence, addressing an envelop, plurals, opening and closing salutations of a letter, silent letters, past tense, alliteration, and a couple more topics. Of course, as is the style of all Fred books, there are also discussions of other topics not related to language arts. The most advanced language arts topics in this first book were: that vs. which clauses, heteronyms and homonyms, and alliteration. And, oh yeah, in a footnote, subjunctive case was mentioned.

Even though I only use LOF books as supplemental material, I do not have plans to buy the rest of the language arts series.

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