Latin for Children: Primer B Text

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Latin for Children: Primer B Text
Item #: 020288
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ISBN: 9781600510069
Grades: 4-6
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Customer Reviews

Melissa B. from Delaware wrote the following on 10/28/2005:
We purchased this product last year at a home school convention in Harrisburg, PA. We had previously tried Rosetta Stone and I'd looked at *every* Latin program out there trying to find one that was both rigorous and easy to teach as neither my husband nor I had studied Latin ourselves. This one definitely wins the prize! First of all, the program is an excellent value compared with anything out there. Secondly, the kids (8 and 11) love it. Each lesson is presented as a Dad (Latin Professor) teaches his homeschooled daughters Latin in their home-- in the dining room, kitchen, living room, etc. and presents all that the children need to know to practice their lesson for the week. My kids watch the lesson every day while studying it. Even my four year old loves to watch it because it is engaging and even funny at times. I find the kids have excellent retention and are learning Latin as it should be learned (as am I!). Vocabulary is reinforced by listening to the CD, which we generally do while driving. I can't tell you how pleased I was the first time I heard my four year old recite the conjugations of several verbs correctly, just from being present while the older two did their lessons. Finally, this product is well supported. By going to the Classical Academic Press Web site ( can gain access to support materials such as tests, teaching advice, curriculum flow, and contact the authors,as well as finding out more information as to how this program stacks up to another Latin program. In conclusion, I have found that this product is adaptable toward many types of learners (experiential, visual, those who need to see it written, those who need repetition, and those who need songs, etc to help learning), is extremely easy to "teach" (You have a professional in your home doing the job for you so you can learn right along with the kids!), is very affordable, and does a wonderful job of actually keeping the kids interested while being academically rigorous. I couldn't ask for any more.

Paula S. from Southern US wrote the following on 02/03/2010:
We are currently in our second year of the Latin for Children series. My son is in 6th grade and we find this series to be an absolute delight. The DVDs were a necessity for me to aid in pronunciation since I have no Latin background. The answer key is simply that and I purchased my own workbook to work through and to aid my son, who has some reading delays. I like that the format is similar from week to week and review weeks are built into the program. Sometimes we spend two week on a review week instead of the outlined one. We added the activity book this year and the activities are fun. I researched many Latin programs before deciding on Latin for Children and I have never regretted my decision. We plan to continue with the CAP published Latin products.

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