Exploring Creation w/ Biology Textbook

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Exploring Creation w/ Biology Textbook
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ISBN: 9781932012545
Grades: 9-10
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Customer Reviews

Kimberlee G. from Gaithersburg, MD wrote the following on 11/12/2008:
I am currently using this course for my ninth grade year, and I'm enjoying it thus far! It's easy to implement, and though the labs utilize mostly household items, they are challenging, and I've learned a lot through them - especially the microscope labs. One of the major things that appeals to me about Dr. Wile’s biology text is the conversational style in which it’s written. It makes me feel more like I’m actually learning something, and when he discusses difficult or complicated material, he will say something along the lines of “Now I know that all this is hard to understand, but don’t worry…” I also appreciate the amount of pictures, diagrams, and graphs used to break up the text. Because I am a highly kinesthetic and visual learner, two or more pages of small font to read can seem daunting. My mother likes the fact that she doesn’t have to know biology in order for me to take this course! We both love that the experiments, on your own questions, dissection labs, and examples are highlighted in different colors - a significant improvement over the first edition. The study guides are not too lengthy, and usually only take 30-45 minutes to complete. The module summaries, which are located in Appendix B, are extremely helpful in preparing for the test! Usually, they will take a half-hour or more to complete. All in all, I believe that this Biology program is challenging and fun; will prepare any student well for college; and is highly recommended.

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Ruth S. from DC wrote the following on 07/10/2008:
Last school year (2007-2008) was the first time we used Apologia Science books. My eldest daughter in grade 10 thoroughly enjoyed the challenge that Exploring Creation with Biology gave her and the ease of its use. We will use Apologia again this year! Thanks for selling the Apologia products!

Jennifer B. from Mississippi wrote the following on 07/26/2008:
My son just completed this book in his ninth grade year. He worked primarily on his own. I checked his study guide questions and his tests. He did very well and found this to be interesting material. This is a rigorous course. If science is not a strong subject, perhaps do this in 10th grade. The directions for the dissections were clear, but it was helpful for us to find pictures on the internet of actual dissections. I would recommend this book.

katie b. from idaho wrote the following on 02/29/2012:
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Apologia science! I have tried many curriculums with my kids--Ace, Abeka, BJU--but I find that Apologia is the easiest to understand because of the conversational/lecture style writing of the text. It's not as graphic intensive or colorful as the others, but if your child learns well by reading, it is excellent science! We are using the Physical Science this year, having already used General and Biology, and it is simply fascinating and enlightening science! I think the biggest difference is that Apologia is written FOR homeschoolers, as opposed to the other curriculums simply being available TO homeschoolers. I read ahead in my son's book every day, and I am also learning so much. The only thing that I am not a fan of are the labs included in the book. It would be nice to have a separate lab workbook that would make labs and writeups easier to get done, but all in all the science is absolutely solid, college prep and highly interesting. We are definitely continuing on with Apologia through Chemistry, Physics and Marine Biology.

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