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Exploring Creation with General Science Text Only
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Customer Reviews

Tracie M. from FL wrote the following on 09/03/2008:
My daughter got a late start on this text last year and was not able to finish, but she is very excited about beginning again this year. She has never cared much for science until we started Apologia. The experiments are fun and easy, therefore, WE learn a lot. It doesn't take much teacher prep, other than ensuring you have necessary project materials, and the materials are usually things you have around the house anyway. Since this book is adaptive to each learning style- especially visual and tactical- it will be used for my other two children. The money spent on it was well worth it!

Kimberlee G. from Gaithersburg, MD wrote the following on 11/03/2008:
I greatly enjoyed this program! My friend and I did it together, and we loved reading the text and doing the experiments. We liked the way the text was written (i.e., a "conversational tone") to us, and not at us, which seems to be the way a majority of science texts were written. We took more than 36 weeks to complete the program, and the only test we took was for module #1, and that was orally. The course was excellent, and I can still recall the information I garnered from it.

Becky A. from Oregon wrote the following on 07/28/2011:
I was really looking forward to receiving this curriculum because our family has used all of the Apologia Elem. Science books (by Jeannie Fulbright), and loved them. After reading the reviews, I was sure we would love this product as well. However, I was so disappointed when I received it. If you are a homeschool family looking for an intelligent discussion on evolution vs. creation, this is not the text for you. I found that the author took a very condescending tone throughout this topic, going so far as to ridicule those who did not agree with his creationist viewpoint. While the information and experiments presented were well-done, I found the text so thoroughly suffused with Mr. Wile's dogma that it was offensive. Also, Mr. Wile takes an extreme pro-vaccination stance in his text, again showing condescension to those who might disagree with this view. I realize this review is different than most others for this product, but I wish I would have known this before purchasing this text. I was pleased that I was able to return the text to Rainbow Resources, but sad that I will be looking beyond Apologia for my junior and high school children.

K B. from Birmingham, AL wrote the following on 11/26/2007:
My sixth grader LOVES Apologia General Science! The narrative style of the text is very engaging. It's as though we have Professor Wile sitting with us at the kitchen table, giving a lecture. What a huge change from the dry, impersonal textbooks I had to suffer through during my school years! The diagrams make complex concepts (e.g. circulation system) clear. My son also appreciates the way Dr. Wile addresses the discrepancies between secular science and Christian faith, instead of just glossing over these very real issues. Although the text is progressive, it is written in such a way that the student can skip ahead to a topic of interest. For example, my son just began the book, but during his free time he ENJOYS reading ahead toward the end in the sections about the human body. Tonight he has been running up to me asking questions such as "Okay, so the inferior vena cava is about-here, right?" (Yes, that's right, I just used the word "enjoy" and "reading" in the same sentence to describe a highly-active eleven year old boy). I look forward to working through the rest of the Apologia curriculum with my children.

Ruth S. from DC wrote the following on 07/10/2008:
My daughter used General Science this year. She states it was easy to use, understand, and her grades increased in science! She already says she wants to use Apologia again next year!

Melanie R. from Florida wrote the following on 12/26/2009:
We are using Apologia General Science this year, and it has been a bit of a stretch for us as we are Charlotte Mason-type homeschoolers and have not used many textbooks (other than for Math). This course has been an excellent transition for us-not an easy one but a profitable one. One tip I want to share with anyone coming from a homeschooling background like ours-don't try to skimp on the workload too much. We do not do the experiment log, but we do all the 'on your own' sections orally and as many of the experiments as we are able. I started out trying to use the text like a good book and only doing a few experiments along with the study guide and tests. My son did not do well at all on the test using this method. We began the new routine on the last module and he scored 100%! So, do as much as you can without overwhelming yourself and your child, and I think you will find this Science course to be a very good experience for your family. The Christian focus is wonderful, and the text is interesting. I am pretty sure we will be sticking with Apologia for highschool also.

katie b. from idaho wrote the following on 02/29/2012:
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Apologia science! I have tried many curriculums with my kids--Ace, Abeka, BJU--but I find that Apologia is the easiest to understand because of the conversational/lecture style writing of the text. It's not as graphic intensive or colorful as the others, but if your child learns well by reading, it is excellent science! We are using the Physical Science this year, having already used General and Biology, and it is simply fascinating and enlightening science! I think the biggest difference is that Apologia is written FOR homeschoolers, as opposed to the other curriculums simply being available TO homeschoolers. I read ahead in my son's book every day, and I am also learning so much. The only thing that I am not a fan of are the labs included in the book. It would be nice to have a separate lab workbook that would make labs and writeups easier to get done, but all in all the science is absolutely solid, college prep and highly interesting. We are definitely continuing on with Apologia through Chemistry, Physics and Marine Biology.

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