Veritas History 1815 - Present Teacher Manual

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Veritas History 1815 - Present Teacher Manual
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Grades: 2-6
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Amy G. from TN wrote the following on 11/02/2006:
We have used the first series in this program (Old Testament-Ancient Egypt) for my 2nd grade daughter and 4.5 yo son. The whole point of this history program is to learn 32 historical events per school year via flashcards and a memory timeline song. In the Old Testament-Ancient Egypt program, there are 19 Bible history events and 13 secular history events. A sample week might go like this: Monday-- sing the song while showing the cards in order, answer questions using the info on the back of the card; Tuesday--sing the song and do flashcards, review info on the card, look up info in recommended resources to learn more about the event; Wednesday--sing the song and do flashcards, do a project such as a salt dough map, Thursday--sing song and do flashcards, review information, do another project, Friday--sing song and do flashcards, take a test. My children have really enjoyed learning in this way. They enjoy acting out the history song as they see the flashcards (for example, they pretend to gallop on a horse when we sing about Alexander the Great). I also mixed up the cards and have them put them in chronological order. It is surprising how fast they can do this. I found the program easy to use. I did modify some of the tests, as I thought they were too difficult for my 7 year-old. We used the Enhanced CD instead of the hard copy teacher's manual. Sometimes I wish I had a hard copy to thumb through quickly, but the Enhanced CD makes it much easier for printing copies of reproducibles (no scanning or copying required because the info is on your computer). The teacher's manual wouldn't necessarily be required, but it does contain lots of neat project ideas, reproducibles, tests, and answers. Teacher prep time is moderate to high. If you do just the cards and song (which would still provide your child with a basic overview of history), it's very low prep, but if you want to do projects (which we have loved doing), it's going to take more time. These projects are worth the time because they have really helped the information to stick. We were very successful in using this with my 4 and 7 year-olds (Our 2 yo even made a salt dough sculpture of Lot's wife). The worksheets and tests are geared more toward older children for the most part (I would say 4th grade+). The projects vary (some are more appropriate for K-2 while others were definitely geared for 4th grade+). The program was designed so that it could be used successfully with varying ages. For auditory and visual learners, this program is great! Every day, they hear the song and see the flashcards (many of which have fine art reproductions on them). You don't have to order the recommended resources to get a good history education, but we ordered a few of them: Children's Illustrated Bible, Child's Story Bible, Streams of Civilization, Victor Journey Through the Bible, Usborne Time Traveler, Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times, and Student Bible Atlas. We have used both of the Bibles a great deal and the Victor Journey Through the Bible as well (it's great and the photos are wonderful). Streams of Civilization might be more useful to us later, but right now, I can't hold their attention with it. We have used other resources that are not listed on the cards (the Usborne's World History book and Living Long Ago). My children love those! We also love the Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times (great for memorization). The program is reasonably priced compared with other history curricula. The cards do need to be laminated because they will be handled daily. We plan to use each level of this history curriculum. I am impressed with how well the events have stayed fresh in our minds! If you use this curriculum, you will learn just as much (if not more) as your children do!

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