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Reading Lesson Book
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Grades: PreK-3
Author: Michael Levin; Charan Langton
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Customer Reviews

April Y. from Florence, TX wrote the following on 04/15/2008:
This program has been wonderful! My daughters are 6 and 4 1/2 and have learned so much from this program. They are reading above their age level and truly LOVE to read. Before each lesson there is one page of instructions for the parent/teacher that are easy to follow and not at all overwhelming. Then each lesson starts with the letters/letter combinations for that lesson and their sounds. In the first lesson it slowly progresses from letter sounds into blending two letter sounds and then reading 2 and 3 letter words. Each lesson builds upon the previous one. Within the lessons, the font used is quite large. This is nice because it is easy to see and there isn't too much on one page which makes it more appealing to a child first learning to read. There are pictures on each page that makes it fun for kids, but it doesn't distract from the learning process. There are also little stories at the end of each lesson that progressively become more advanced. Little activities like connecting the letter to the picture that starts with that letter (o and octopus, a and alligator), connecting the picture to the word, and others are also part of the lessons. In the back of the book is a progress chart you can tear out or copy to keep track of when you finish each lesson. This has been fun for my daughters because they get to put a sticker on their chart when they complete a lesson. It motivates them to work hard to finish the lesson so they can put their sticker on their chart. I have been VERY pleased with The Reading Lesson and plan on using it with my other two children when they are ready to learn to read.

KRISTI F. from JUNEAU, ALASKA wrote the following on 02/14/2010:
This program is easy to teach and very effective. My five year old likes this program and he loves the success it brings him as he reads to me. It is very straightforward without tons of complicated directions. I love all of the supplementary items that go along with this Reading Lesson book. We are also using the Math Lesson free printable lessons to teach him his math and they are simply wonderful as well! Thank you for such a great program!!! Highly recommended!

Angie P. from Fredericktown, OH wrote the following on 04/30/2010:
I have been using "The Reading Lesson" with my third child (1st grade daughter). I had always heard parents explain that not all children learn the same and therefore do not always experience success with the same curriculum that an older sibling enjoyed and did well with. When it came time to learn how to read, I found this to be very true with this daughter. We started off using "Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons" since my son successfully learned to read with this curriculum and it was still on the shelf. At first I thought that maybe I was the problem ~ quite honestly, after working through this book once, I wasn't looking forward to it again as it is way too busy and silly for my liking ~ but after putting it aside several times and continually coming back to it with a positive attitude I had to admit that this curriculum just did not click with this child! I prayed, waited, tried again, prayed, waited, prayed, tried again, prayed, prayed... God was telling me to find something else ~ this curriculum wasn't working. So I tried an approach using children's books that I found to be successful with my oldest daughter... nope ~ this child wasn't ready for that approach! So I asked homeschooling friends, church members, and family and read lots of reviews on phonics/reading programs and decided that "Alpha-Phonics" was the way to go. I purchased the book, read through it and was excited about the simplicity and non-busy pages and a little alarmed about the need to know all the letter sounds (that was the problem ~ she was taught these but just couldn't retain them for long), and was ready to try it out. Well, that didn't last long ~ even in the first lesson, she just didn't get it! (I must say though, that Alph-Phonics is a good curriculum ~ just not a match for this child). So, I backed off and tried Alpha-Phonics again later with similar results. At this point, I tried some free online programs and a downloaded sample of "Reading Made Easy" with no better results. I tried to relax and realize that reading would eventually happen ~ but I was upset and wanted to find something to aid in the teaching of reading because my daughter really wanted to read!!! Anyway, quite on accident (in a homeschool sale of damaged books) I stumbled across "The Reading Lesson." "The Reading Lesson" begins each lesson with three to four sounds and introduces sight words as it goes along. This program does not follow the alphabet; instead, it begins by teaching the most common letters in the English language. That way, the child can begin reading words and simple stories from the very first lesson. There are no boring drills. My daughter could honestly read a little story after her first lesson and she was so excited!! I was so happy for her and all this excitement really added to her motivation to work hard at the lessons and progress through the program. My daughter delighted in my making a photocopy of some of the little stories (one page each) from the lessons in the book so that she could color the adorable little animals and children drawn with the stories (she has a younger sister so I didn't want to have her color in the book). She would then use this copy to practice her stories in her free time and would often tote them along to Grandma's house to read to Grandma. The stories in this book are cute little stories (unlike the really silly stories in 100 Easy Lessons) that are predictable and relevant to life. Here's an example story from Lesson #6 (the text is under a cute black and white drawing of a lady bug on a leaf): "Here is a little bug. He has a lot of legs. He has a lot of dots on his back. This little bug is not a bee." After starting this book, we did purchase the CD-ROM that goes with it (I wish Rainbow Resource would sell it). My daughter especially loved the CD and it was very helpful in keeping her moving along and reviewing the skills she had acquired even when I was too busy to sit down with her and work together on the next pages of the book. The Giggle Bunny is the main character on the CD and he really is a delight! My daughter is not quite finished with this curriculum; we have four lessons to go. She has recently just taken off with her reading and is now an independent reader (she read the Pre-Primer Pathway on her own in a couple of days and independently read the first nine stories in the Pathway Grade 1 Primer in just two days). She is currently reading at about a 2nd grade level. I have honestly experienced great results with "The Reading Lesson" ~ it is the best accidental find I have ever found!!

Susan B. from Washington wrote the following on 04/26/2013:
I have used and loved this book with my 4 children. The lessons are very simple and short. The stories are very cute and capture a child's attention. I would highly recommend the computer CD and DVD. This is the easiest program I have found for me as a parent.

Della H. from Reedsport, or wrote the following on 06/25/2013:
Out of all the curriculum I have used with my homeschoolers this is by far my favorite book for learning to read and for simple review. The layout is simple, clear and appealing to both parent/teacher and child. Two of my children are opposites in the way they learn but this book has worked amazingly for both of them. I love the way they do little tricks like placing a small circle inside the lowercase B so the child does not have to think "is this B or D" every time they see it. At first I was concerned about those little tricks, I wondered if my kids would be able to recognize the letters clearly when reading in other books because those little tricks would not be present but they transitioned fine! In fact they have done better. In short this is a must have book for any student who is a beginner in reading or any student who is struggling to read. I would highly recommend this to parent/teachers of children who are dyslexic or struggling to read in any other way. I love the foundation it lays and how easy it flows, building both confidence and fluency in the reader.

Jessica N. from NC wrote the following on 09/12/2014:
After trying an all in one Kindergarten curriculum and not loving it, we decided to try a more straight forward approach to learning to read. We just finished lesson 2 today and I am already so happy with this that I had to come leave a review! We started a week ago, a day after my son turned 5. He knew all of his letters and the majority of their sounds but had never blended, but he has picked it up so quickly. We do a few pages every day and then usually review with Daddy in the evening to show him what we have learned. 1 week in and he is reading all of the words in the first 2 lessons. I had no idea he would pick it up so quickly! The book is laid out so simple and straight forward. There isn't anything confusing and I love that we can just sit on the couch and go over it. You can move ahead or go back and review at any pace you want. I am so glad we got this and I plan on using it for my other children as well!

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