Writing Road to Reading 6ED


Writing Road to Reading 6ED
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ISBN: 9780062083937
Grades: PreK-8
Author: Romalda Bishop Spalding
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Customer Reviews

Lynn S. from Toronto, Ontario Canada wrote the following on 10/03/2004:
The Writing Road to Reading (WRTR) is an amazing method. It is based on the research done by Dr. Samuel Orton beginning in the 1920's. His research delved into the how and why of learning to read and the difficulties some children experience. His results were nothing short of astonishing. He discovered how all children can learn successfully. His method used all the modalities: visual, auditory, kinestic and tactile. Romalda Spalding, a teacher, worked with him for approximately two years. She developed the Spalding Method based on his research and his direction. The Spalding Method is laid out in full in the WRTR. This program is a K-8 complete curriculum. The cost is amazingly low, while the benefits are amazingly great. I am teaching three of my children this method; two have started this method at the beginning of their school career, the other began at age 10. Although, the 10 year old did not have difficulties with language the method greatly benefited her logical reasoning when reading and spelling. It also greatly improved her cursive handwriting. My second child was destined to have learning difficulties; he exhibited all the signs. He now is meeting all his milestones. I am currently working on a M.Ed. in Curriculum Development. The research that others and I have done on language arts curricula demonstrate that methods based on Dr. Samuel Orton's work are superior to all others. The Spalding Method, written by a teacher, is far easier to teach and more logical for the students than all the curricula I have reviewed. People who are interested in notes that help with this method, can go to my website at www.shalomranch.org. Look for the WRTR icon and then "notes". This is a free service.

Kyra M. from Lexington,SC wrote the following on 03/22/2010:
This is the most comprehensive and best language arts program on the market. Phonics,spelling and grammar all in one book for all of elementary school! I taught three children to read with this book. It can be a bit overwhelming at first and it is helpful to contact someone who has used the program for questions. The book is laid out for a school setting but is easily adapted to a home school. You do not need to spend as many hours a day as she recommends since you have fewer students. I have found nothing to compare this program with, she makes the English language easy to understand and learn!

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