American Pioneers and Patriots

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American Pioneers and Patriots
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ISBN: 9781932971514
Grade: 3
Author: Caroline D. Emerson
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Customer Reviews

Elizabeth M. from RI wrote the following on 11/19/2004:
A very sweet book. It is a nice reader for American History although I would not call it a textbook.

Toni L. from MS wrote the following on 05/28/2008:
This is a wonderful book. It is much more than just a textbook in my opinion. It is a collection of wonderful stories, fictional but realistic. There are 12 units. It starts off with "A story of pioneer children from Spain." These are then grouped into short chapters of 3. The first unit is about Pedro and Catalina. Ch.1 Leaving Spain, Ch. 2, Storm at Sea, Ch. 3 Pedro's Knife. Ch. 1 starts out with a brief background about the first people who came to America, the Spanish. It does address that Indians lived here first, of course. Then it tells just a little bit more about what life was like for the Spanish pioneers. Just enough to make you want to keep reading. Then you get into the little details of Pedro and Catalina's life. They could not read or write, but Pedro could hunt and ride a horse. Catalina could sew and spin thread, sing, and dance. It goes into detail about moving to a new land. Soon, they are on a ship, and they have new and unusual duties to do. Each chapter builds on each other. They always leave us wanting for more. If you want, you can read ahead, just don't tell the kids. At the end of the 3 chapters in each unit, there is a Unit Review. For the first one, there are small pictures with information beneath them. The topic is How People Lived on Sailing Ships. There are a few questions relating to the stories read like What is a pioneer? Have you ever had experiences with boats? If so, what are they? How was the ship that Pedro and Catalina came in different from our big ocean liners today? What is a comet? Tell me something about the characters in the story. Read Luke 8:22-25 and explain why it is proper to pray to Jesus during a storm. Then there is a section of things to do. Collect pictures of different kinds of ships. Make models of ships or use toy boats and have a boat exhibit . Put events of the story in the right order. Find Spain, Florida and Puerto Rico on the map. Unless you are really ambitious you will not want to do all of these. Just choose your favorites or come up with your own ideas. This was only just a sampling. Other units are: A Story of Pioneers in Virginia, A Story of Pioneers in Plymouth A Story of Dutch Pioneers, A Story of Traveling by Canoe, The Story of a Boy who saw George Washington Become President, A Story of Pioneers on the Wilderness Trail, A Story of Pioneers on the Ohio River, A Story of Pioneers Traveling by Covered Wagon, Stories about the Santa Fe Trail, The Oregon Trail, and the California Trail, A Story of Pioneers from Norway, and The Transcontinental Railroad. Use it as a read-aloud, or have the kids take turns reading it to each other, or however you feel like it. If your children have a hard time enjoying history, you might want to try this one. Everybody likes a good story, right?

Daphene M. from North Carolina wrote the following on 02/03/2010:
This book will stay in our library for years to come! All the stories in this textbook are told from a child's point of view. It kept my daughter's attention and it was easy for her to read. This is the kind of thing that I always wanted as a child. Facts and dates are great, but this helps you to learn how the people lived and the struggles that they had to go through. We love this book!

Katrena R. from Shingle Springs, CA wrote the following on 11/15/2010:
I loved this book. It was told from a child's point of view that kept my daughter interested and asking for more. For the cost she got more out of it than I ever expected and I was able to use it with multiple kids in our family. Great supplemental book for history as my kids aren't hard core textbook learners.

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