Somebody: Five Human Anatomy Games in One

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Somebody: Five Human Anatomy Games in One
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Customer Reviews

Danielle G. from CT wrote the following on 07/25/2007:
This game has become a family favorite! I purchased it for my daughter when she was learning about anatomy for Science. Little did I know how much fun it was! The clear pieces piled on top of one another was a brilliant idea, as it shows what we really do look like inside.

Amy B. from Michiana - Michigan wrote the following on 07/13/2008:
I bought this for my oldest child when he was in Kindergarten and his 3 year old brother also liked to join in. I love how it has varying ways to play that feature different levels of difficulty. For younger kids they will learn the main organs in the body, where they are located, and their function. There is also a whole set of cards with more complex questions for the older child. It was a great buy for us!

Deirdre F. from Bettendorf, IA wrote the following on 12/26/2010:
This game was a Christmas gift to my daughter who is turning 5 in January. We are starting our study of human anatomy in January, officially. On Christmas day, and the day after, we had already played all 5 versions of the game, multiple times! This game is fun, adaptable to multiple ages, and absolutely 5 stars at our house! My favorite feature is the learning that comes from layering the body parts in order from back to front. This really teaches more than just talking about it or viewing a photograph. It is simply a fun game, and there is plenty of challenge, as well. I was amused to notice that my daughter was keen to put the body parts away on the backing sheet...and reciting/reading the names yet again. A winner in my book!

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