Saxon Algebra 2 Homeschool Kit (3rd Edition)


Saxon Algebra 2 Homeschool Kit (3rd Edition)
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ISBN: 9781600320163
Grades: 9-11
Author: John Saxon
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Customer Reviews

Ruth S. from DC wrote the following on 05/07/2008:
We have used Saxon Math since 6th grade. The girls have enjoyed it from the get-go! In the past 2 years we added the D.I.V.E (Digital Interactive Video Education) to the grade kit and have benefited greatly from the whole Saxon Math Curriculum.

Sandra P. from Carrollton, Texas wrote the following on 08/19/2008:
I am not only teaching my children math, I am studying math myself to prepare to add math as a second teaching field. So I have looked at a lot of different math books. Saxon does an excellent job of explaining mathematical concepts. Their explanations are in English, not mired in difficult mathematical terminology. Nevertheless, be sure to get the solution manual! You need the answer to every problem, and sometimes you need to see how they got that answer. The textbook is so thick because it has more explanations and illustrations than other texts. I always wondered how to teach stated problems. You explain the problem to the student and he understands it, but still can't do the next stated problem. Saxon teaches the student, step by step, how to solve various kinds of stated problems. For example, they teach you how to solve boat in the river problems, and give helpful hints, like telling you to put all the information in a box. Each lesson, for a while, you have another boat in the river problem. Then, comes the lesson when they teach you how to solve harder boat in the river problems. They also teach you how to solve abstract equations. You end up with answers like RT=12. At the time you wonder what purpose this has, but later you solve stated problems which put this knowledge to use. Saxon thus leads you step by step to solve complex stated problems. Some concepts, such as ideal gas laws and chemical mixture problems are taught much better here than in our chemistry book. In chemistry you also have to convert units, and check your units to make sure you correctly solved the problem. Saxon has been teaching unit conversion in previous books, and continues here. This book also covers force vectors and does a much better job than our physics book. I think this course prepares you well for the types of problems you encounter on the SAT, too. My only complaint would be that there are not enough problems on the new topic that is introduced each lesson. My answer to that is to work all the examples in the current lesson and to go ahead a few lessons to work similar problems in the next several lessons. (Like all the boat in the river problems for the next 3 lessons.) Saxon also teaches the wise use of the calculator, not for every problem, but for pi, logarithms,sine and cosine,etc. I think it is a great value and have personally not found anything objectionable in the book.

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