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About Janice . . .

Janice Price

Homeschooling is a way of life for Janice Price. Consulting here at Rainbow since 2003 plus twenty years of homeschooling her own three children (from kindergarten through high school graduation) before that. Married to Scott for 37 years, their three children are all university graduates and their six grandchildren are now second-generation homeschoolers. As with many homeschooling moms, Janice has worn various related hats - coordinator of a new-to-homeschooling support group; consultant for Westbridge Academy (an umbrella school for home educated, gifted students); administrator of Peoria Co-operative Academy, a history-based unit study co-op and support school; and exhibit hall coordinator for the local home school convention. Janice has a B.A. from Phillips University and a M.Ed. from Idaho State University and before her wife, mother, and homeschooling career, worked for almost ten years in student personnel at four different universities.


About Donna . . .

Donna Krahn

With over 25 years in education, Donna Krahn comes with classroom experience. She has been married to Gary Krahn for almost 30 years and is the mom of Steve and Suzy. During her time in the classroom, she has taught at a variety of levels and subjects, from preschool to high school. Over the years she has volunteered in many capacities, been a junior high and high school youth sponsor in her church, and tutored students who needed a little extra help. She has organized science fairs and workshops, and has judged spelling bees and speech contests for ACSI. Donna joined the Rainbow Resource team in 2006, loves it, and looks forward to a long and happy career serving the homeschool community. Donna has a bachelor’s degree in Christian education and a second bachelor’s degree with a concentration in early childhood education, both from Lincoln Christian College.


About Deanne . . .

Deanne Crawford

Deanne’s journey into homeschooling began in 1997, when she and her husband, Manuel, made the decision to bring her daughter home from the local K-8 school. In 2013, the bittersweet day came when the journey ended with the graduation of their son. Eclectic in her approach, Deanne sought to pick and choose materials that best met the needs of her children and is a self-proclaimed "curriculum junkie." Inspired by the Moore approach, Deanne and her family included service as a core of the children's education. As a family, they have served in leadership positions for their local homeschool group, cooked and served in community soup kitchens, volunteered at their local Christian radio channel, as well as an array of other opportunities.


About Sara . . .

Sara Carothers

Sara comes to us with a foreign language background. She taught high school French in Peoria and Decatur, Illinois, including the International Baccalaureate and AP programs. Her experience in the public school system has been useful to our homeschoolers at times. She is quite interested in helping homeschoolers incorporate foreign language at all age levels. Sara is very creative and has a knack for coming up with creative teaching ideas for parents. She has a Bachelor's degree from Illinois State University in French/Secondary Education and a Master's Degree in Curriculum from St. Xavier University of Chicago. Working at Rainbow has opened up a different side of education for Sara and she finds the world of homeschooling fascinating. She has two sons: Nick is 19 and in college at the University of Illinois and Adam is 17 and is aiming for college post high school.


About Gina . . .

Gina Burmeier

Having over 13 years (and counting) of homeschooling experience, Gina is thoroughly enjoying the journey. She and husband Carl have been married for almost 30 years and have three children. David, the oldest, is now a junior in college pursuing an electrical engineering degree. Emily, a college sophomore is studying Physical Therapy and teaching dance. Ryan, the youngest, is making the most of his homeschool years with basketball being his primary outlet. She is a part-time consultant at Rainbow, working mostly in the summer months. She has enjoyed starting a support group as well as advising and encouraging many new homeschool families in her area. Traveling to homeschool conventions for over ten years has also given her a wonderful opportunity to meet many homeschoolers all over the country. Spending a great deal of time in the Rainbow catalog over the years, she has used many different types of curriculum. Having three children that learn very differently, she is familiar with various approaches and learning styles. Her favorite pastimes include reading, spending time with family, watching her son's basketball games, yoga, church activities, and coffee dates with friends. And, of course, talking about homeschooling is always a highlight in her day!


About Ruth . . .

Ruth Tennis

"We'll give Kindergarten a try," were the words that started Ruth's homeschool career. Each year they tried homeschooling again. Sixteen years later, she graduated the last of 4 children. Though varied, her teaching methods have included hands-on activities, cross-disciplinary approaches and lots of great literature. Ruth has undergraduate degrees in English and Interpersonal Communication and a Master's Degree in English from Truman University in Missouri. Before homeschooling, Ruth taught college-level English composition and English as a Second Language in China and Illinois. Believing communication is a significant way that humans reflect God's image, she considers it one of the most important skills to build in children. Ruth loves reading, learning new things and practicing the art of thankfulness. She also enjoys wordplay and believes there's always room in any day for a little "Winnie the Pooh."


About Mike . . .

Mike McHugh

For nearly forty years, Mike has been closely connected with the home education movement. In the late 1970's, he began to work for the homeschool division of Christian Liberty Academy/Press as a writer, administrator, and teacher. Along with his work over the years in education and publishing circles, Mike and his wife Karla made the choice to educate each of their seven children at home. 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of his families' homeschool journey. Mike also earned his B.A. degree in education from Whitefield College in Lakeland, FL. His years of experience as a published author, teacher, home educator and conference speaker have prepared Mike to be a qualified member of the Rainbow Resource Center curriculum consultant staff. His passion is to serve others to the glory of God.