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About Sara

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Hi! My name is Sara Carothers.

I came to Rainbow with a foreign language background. I taught French at public high schools in Peoria and Decatur, Illinois, including the International Baccalaureate and AP programs. My two sons attended public school as well. They were both older when I started working at Rainbow and were happy with their small school environment. It has come in handy to know what is going on in school classrooms at times when consulting homeschool parents. However, this will come to an end when my youngest son graduates high school in spring 2017. He will attend community college while he decides where to focus his studies. My oldest son will be finishing his sophomore year at the University of IL. I'm quite interested in helping homeschoolers incorporate foreign language at all age levels (and would love for them all to learn French of course!) I continue to be impressed with the materials available to homeschoolers. I'm a very artsy person and have a knack for coming up with creative teaching ideas for parents. I have a B.A. from Illinois State University in French/Secondary Education and an M.A. in Curriculum from St. Xavier University of Chicago. Working at Rainbow has opened up a different side of education for me and I find the world of homeschooling fascinating, especially how customizable it is to the student. There are materials for every situation you can think of. It feels good to guide parents in finding the right fit to teach their children. When I taught in the classroom, I used a technique called guided discovery. This is where you present the content, provide additional resources, assign a task and set the students loose to discover the answer. They remember it better because they had to figure something out for themselves. I find this is what many homeschoolers are naturally doing.

Also, I love to write articles for the Rainbow Newsletters! It is another way to impart knowledge and a bit of fun to parents. I get to be creative in selecting topics and love the funny pictures the marketing department comes up with to go along with my writing.

Something that has been a pet project while at RRC is the Summer Book Contests. 2017 will be the 3rd one I have spearheaded along with others who make me look good. I always got attention for my writing as a kid and love to see students put their ideas into an actual book they can show their friends and family. Each year, one winner gets their book printed and sold by Rainbow. It has been so much fun to read all of the stories kids submit for the contest. This year's genre will be historical fiction and I hope to have a great turn out.

Attending homeschool conventions has been a great experience to teach workshops and meet customers. It has been fun to see all the different factions of the homeschooling community and bust many of the stereotypes I had when starting at Rainbow.

I lived in Europe and traveled extensively. Also, I've been a professional mural artist and continue to create and make jewelry for friends and family. I'm an avid reader and a Master Gardener. I'm a fan of Pinterest and see potential there for homeschoolers to find teaching ideas and curriculum products. Working at Rainbow Resource has been a blessing for me. I get to continue "teaching" even though I'm no longer in the classroom and love helping parents teach their own children.

I look forward to "talking" with you and answering any questions you may have regarding homeschooling and curricula. I can be reached at consultants@rainbowresource.com, by phone at 888-841-3456, or you may even see me at a homeschool convention in your area, as I travel with the crew to present workshops and answer homeschool questions.


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