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About Ruth

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Hi! My name is Ruth Tennis.

Built inside each of us is a sense of curiosity and desire which leads us to be inquisitive about the world, and ultimately, to search out for a relationship with God. It is that curiosity and excitement that is important to build upon when teaching children. You can teach a child innumerable facts but if you can get them excited about learning, and most of all, reach their hearts-there's the joy!

For me, home educating was another way to encourage my children to look for and glorify God in what He has created through subjects like science, language and art. Our home school has been known to pull the car to the side of the road to examine an owl, enjoy lunch with a good read aloud, or draw while listening to different types of music. Since all people are made in God's image, we spent time learning about other cultures, their languages, and their contributions to society. We also utilized our country location and the skills of others to enhance our learning experience. We raised chickens, gardened, and learned how to chop and split firewood. Two of the boys apprenticed with a local luthier in conjunction with their wood shop class. My daughter learned to sew from a talented friend. We took opportunities to participate in area ballet, fencing and art classes, and in homeschool coops, speech, debate and science lab classes. One of our most important endeavors as a family has been caring for my parents. Taking this on has involved seven of our homeschool years, traveling every other week-and then later, caregiving in our home. The lessons, relationships and memories these choices have created have been invaluable.

One son has completed his Bachelor's degree in Animation, is married to a wonderful woman, and works as a graphic artist/Web designer at megachurch in Virginia. Two sons are in college: one is studying Engineering in Texas and the youngest is double majoring in Bible and Counseling in Iowa. My daughter is a CNA, is married to a super guy, plays a significant role in helping care for my father and is mother to my first grandson.

I look forward to "talking" with you and answering any questions you may have regarding homeschooling and curricula. I can be reached at consultants@rainbowresource.com, by phone at 888-841-3456, or you may even see me at a homeschool convention in your area, as I travel with the crew to present workshops and answer homeschool questions.

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