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About Gina

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Hi! My name is Gina Burmeier.

My husband, Carl, and I have been married for 28 years. After living in St. Louis for seven years, we moved to the small town of Kewanee, Illinois, and have lived here for 21 years. We have been very blessed to have three children. When my kids were babies, I never dreamed I would be homeschooling. It wasn't until my husband joined the Rainbow team in 2001 that I began to understand what home educating was all about. Having the chance to be around other homeschoolers convinced us we needed to give it a try. Through much prayer and by God's grace, we humbly accepted the huge responsibility of educating our children at home. Taking it year by year, we have never regretted this journey and are so grateful for this incredible opportunity.

When I began homeschooling, I really felt a need to reach out to other homeschoolers to encourage them and also be encouraged. I decided to seek out other homeschooling families in the surrounding area and start a support group. We met for gym and library time once a month at my church. Today, it is really fun to see the next generation of homeschoolers continuing to meet for this monthly social time. I also organized many field trips and group activities to enhance our homeschool experience and spend time with friends.

Extracurricular activities have also kept us busy. Each of my children have different interests and talents. My daughter was very involved with competitive tumbling and dance throughout her school years. My oldest son gravitated toward music and loves playing the piano, guitar, and drums, specializing in improvisation. He has had fun recording a few CDs of his own. During his high school years, he became involved in speech and debate club and competed in numerous tournaments throughout the country. Being a lead programmer for robotics club was also a wonderful outlet for him. My youngest son joined Tae Kwan Do and received his black belt during his middle school years. He also enjoys playing drums for our worship team at church. In junior high he became interested in basketball and now plays for a Christian high school team.

Not only have we stayed busy with homeschooling and plenty of activities, we have also had an invaluable opportunity to travel as a family every spring and summer to homeschool conventions. This has given us a perfect occasion to work as a family and meet other homeschoolers from all over the country. Being on the road so much gave us plenty of time for a myriad of amazing read alouds, as well as travel games and great family time. After a long winter at home, we have always looked forward to seeing the regular attendees and new homeschoolers every year. Assisting families at conventions has helped me realize we all have unique and special circumstances, and there is no right or wrong way to homeschool. The common bond is that we deeply love our children and have a conviction to accept the responsibility of educating them and helping each of them reach their full potential.

It has been an indescribable joy for me to witness my children growing intellectually as well as spiritually. I feel blessed to have had this time to communicate openly every day and grow close to each of my children. I will admit, there have been times homeschooling has kept me on my knees in prayer but God has always been faithful to see us through. During these times, talking with other like-minded mothers has been extremely valuable to me. Like any homeschool mother, I have spent hours poring over the Rainbow catalog and researching different curriculum to find the one that best suited each of my children. We have had much enjoyment trying new things, from unit studies to traditional workbooks, nature walks, field trips, and many read alouds. Home educating wasn't something we did only during normal school hours, but rather was a way of life that kept us continually learning and growing.

I am a part-time consultant at Rainbow and am frequently traveling during convention season. I look forward to talking with those that call in with questions or concerns. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I will do my best to share from my past and present experiences as a homeschool mother. If I don't have an immediate answer, it is always my pleasure to research or ask my colleagues for the best answer to your question. I can be reached at consultants@rainbowresource.com or by phone at 888-841-3456.

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