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About Donna

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Hi! My name is Donna Krahn

Gary and I have been married almost 30 years and we are blessed to live in a quiet, rural community where we have been for 27 years. For over 20 years I was a classroom teacher, with most of my experience being in Christian schools. Our children, Steve and Suzy, attended our local school which is small enough to include PreK-12 in one building - the joy of a small town.

Steve, our oldest, is attending the College of Charleston in South Carolina, where he is studying toward a degree in physical education with a concentration in exercise science. He is a non-traditional student as he finishes his education after a time in the Navy. Steve plays guitar, went through the ranks of Boy Scouts (including Eagle Scout), and volunteers his time as a Pee Wee Soccer coach.

Suzy is our youngest and is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University. She is now attending Washington State University, where she is a research assistant while finishing her Masters Degree in the area of geology. Suzy plays piano/keyboard in praise team at her church and volunteers whenever and wherever possible.

As my children were growing up I volunteered in a number of areas, a few of them being 4-H, Boy Scouts, and in our church as a VBS director, Sunday School Teacher, etc... I still volunteer today, but the emphasis is a bit different. I am a mentor mom for our local MOPS group, spend time with our church prayer group and education ministry, and help when needed in other areas. My husband and I find time to fit in local hockey and baseball games, an occasional Cubs game, and travel either with our kids or to see our kids.

With degrees in the area of education, I have had the opportunity to help start a preschool and to teach at that level. I also started a licensed day care in my home, where we had daily lessons, did activities and took field trips. This gave me an opportunity to teach my own children and others as well. After my children went to school, I taught part time in the public school system, and when Steve and Suzy were older, I took a full-time position at a nearby Christian academy.

I have taught a variety of subjects, but my favorites are science and Bible. I get excited about the hands-on possibilities of science, and the great discussions that can be generated in both areas. I think it is amazing how we can see God at work in the world around us and how nature and science continue to support the truth of the Bible. Much of what I learned over the years has come from interaction and discussion with others, and I continue to learn as I talk to those who contact us at Rainbow Resource.

I joined Rainbow Resource Center in a part-time capacity in 2003 and full-time in 2006. When I joined Rainbow, Bob and Linda told me that this would be my ministry - that's exactly what I had prayed for. I enjoy the opportunity to talk with our customers in person and on the phone, offer help through e-mails, and ideas and suggestions in our workshops at homeschool conventions. I am happy and willing to serve you, please contact me at 888-841-3456 or consultants@rainbowresource.com.


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