Roman Town

Is your child interested in ancient Roman life and archaeology? Does your child enjoy interactive computer games that are so entertaining he doesn't realize he's learning? If so, this is an excellent resource that was created by a professional archaeologist and teacher to introduce students to the field of archaeology and give them an understanding of ancient Roman daily life. Roman Town Vol. 1 focuses on household life in ancient Rome. The player is hired to assist the archaeologist in excavating a site located in the town of Fossura in southern Italy dated back to 79 AD. Players excavate six rooms (each corresponding to a game "level") of a 1st century AD house, with each room focusing on a distinct aspect of daily life. The excavating process involves the players in the scientific process of archaeology. Each time the game is played, the student will uncover new artifacts that are taken to the lab and analyzed through several mini-games, which are helpful in engaging problem solving techniques, analytical thinking, and logic and memory skills. A few examples of mini games include: putting together pottery, mosaics, and frescos, identifying modern objects in an ancient scene, matching ancient artifacts with modern equivalents, and playing an ancient game. There are also room tours available that help players see artifacts as they were originally used. Throughout the game, there are two children, Marcus and Lydia, who share a firsthand view of how Roman daily life used to be. Additionally, L.E.A.R.N. is an interactive encyclopedia with quizzes that players have access to throughout the game. At the end of a level, the player files a report about all he has learned through the excavation of that level. These reports are fill-in-the blank puzzles that should be mastered before a player moves on, helping him to solve the mystery of what happened in Fossura. The Educator's Manual and the activity book are excellent complements to the computer game. The manual is a helpful tool providing a background in archaeology and daily Roman life for the student and teacher. It also includes playing instructions for the game, a comprehensive glossary, and fun activities and discussion ideas to expand lessons. In addition, it contains answers to the quizzes that are in the computer game. Along with the manual, the activity book has useful information about archaeology, as well as many fun-filled activities such as brainteasers, crosswords, word searches, and more. Answers to the activities are included in the back of the book. Because Roman Town teaches about daily life, it allows students to have a more in-depth examination of Roman culture. Whether you are using this resource as a stand-alone curriculum or a part of a larger unit study, it will be an educational experience that is entertaining as students examine the world of 1st century Romans. System Requirements: OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista CPU: 800 Mhz RAM:512 MB RAM Graphics: Open GL Hard Drive: 350 MB ~ Gina

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