Ultimate Bible Sticker Books

These colorful sticker books from DK Publishing may provide busy minds and hands hours of quiet fun. Each 8 page booklet contains 60 reusable stickers which are designed to be easy for little hands to remove and reuse. OT and NT stories are presented succinctly, adjacent to a sticker outline which easily matches up with one of the included stickers. OT stories included are: Creation, Noah's Ark, Joseph and his brothers, Life of Moses, David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lion's Den and Solomon's Temple. NT stories include Birth of Jesus, Miracles of Jesus, John the Baptist, Twelve Disciples, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Peter and Paul. Worth noting, a couple of stickers (Jesus death and Goliath's defeat) provide images of blood spilled around injuries, which may be upsetting to younger children. PB. ~ Deanne

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