Math Busters

Math practice doesn't have to be dull and boring, and it can even be downright fun. The Math Busters series provides 16 to 24 addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fraction problems that are used to solve a puzzle - 30 puzzles in each book. In the addition and subtraction books, students do problems with sums up to 18 or subtract from 18 and below, find the answer in the grid, and color the square the appropriate color; the result is a colored picture or geometric design.

The puzzles in multiplication, division, and fractions require a bit more thought. Using the answers to the problems on the page, students will draw a line that number of spaces on the grid in the direction indicated (north, south, east, west). Students will write down letters (located on the grid) to form a solution to the riddle presented on that page - "What kind of noise annoys an oyster?" You will have to work the problems and solve the puzzle to find the answer. These books are reproducible for classroom or family use. - Donna

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