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Finally, a game where the winner can truthfully boast, "This is a game of skill, not luck." And if a child is struggling with math facts, what a fun way to provide practice to improve these skills! In this game, children will enjoy practicing their math skills to be the first to get four in a row - vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Players also try to block each other while finding an area where they can build their own four in a row. Each game has 36 playing pieces for every player. The equivalent fractions game consists of a variety of non-reduced or pictorial fractions on the playing pieces. With each turn, the player tries to match a playing piece to its reduced fraction on the board. The addition and subtraction game includes adding and subtracting problems on the playing pieces with the answers on the board. In the multiplication and division game, the player will find the missing factor or quotient on the board. This is sure to be a fun alternative to flashcards that students will enjoy as they reinforce their math facts and strategize how to outfox their opponents! ~ Gina

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Grades: 4-5
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