Solve-the-Riddle Math Practice

"Why did the peanut butter jump into the ocean?" "What kind of hat does a bird like best?" To solve these mind-boggling riddles (from the Multiplication & Division book, in case you were wondering), simply complete the math practice sheet to de-code the riddle answers. Each math activity sheet corresponds to one riddle. This series provides an interesting and humorous way to motivate your budding mathematician. 50+ pages of reproducible activity sheets with answer keys included. ~ Anh

037615 Addition & Subtraction (2-3)

Begins with facts to 18 and covers up through 1, 2, or 3 digits with and without regrouping

052391 Fractions and Decimals

Includes identifying, comparing, and reducing fractions; renaming improper fractions; converting fractions to decimals; adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and decimals; percents, and more

037612 Math Practice (1-2)

Covers counting to 1000, comparing numbers, skip counting, addition and subtraction to 99 with and without regrouping, and more

037618 Multiplication & Division (2-4)

Practices facts through to the 12s times table.

037619 Time & Money (2-3)

Covers telling time (both analog and digital from hourly to 5-minute increments), elapsed time, reading a schedule or calendar, adding coin and dollar values, making change, estimating prices, and more

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Grades: 1-2
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Grades: 2-4
Retail: $11.99
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