Math for the Gifted Student: Challenging Activities for the Gifted Learner

Math isn't just about learning numbers and how to manipulate them, and some children learn that at a very young age. Those children might be considered 'gifted' and need a greater challenge than what some math curriculum can offer. Math for the Gifted Student realizes that it isn't enough to just give a student work from the next grade level, but needs to be challenged with more logic-based activities. The activities found in this book cover national math standards for grade level, provide opportunity for growth beyond what is presented in regular curriculum, and students will be encouraged toward independent thinking and creativity.

Each consumable, non-reproducible workbook is 192 pages in length, includes the answers at the back, and full-color pages are perforated for easy removal. Students will do word problems, analysis, charts, graphs, solve riddles, and much more as they are being challenged to think beyond their grade level requirements. If your child isn't being challenged with your regular curriculum, add this series as a supplement to develop those critical thinking skills. ~ Donna

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