Shakespeare Graphic Novels & Teaching Resource Packs

The Shakespeare experience is primarily an auditory/visual one - at least that's the way it seems to me. I always wanted my children to see a play prior to reading it. But it was a type of "Catch-22". Interpretation is a vital part of understanding Shakespeare but jumping into watching a play without knowing the language can leave the student bewildered and confused. Providing an intriguing variation of the play-watching experience, these Graphic Novels bridge the understanding gap. Through the vibrant and detailed illustrations, the characters take on personality, the action is easy to follow, and the reader is caught up in the drama. With your choice of text, you can encounter the bard in his own original "tongue," in modern English, or as a quick read version (same illustrations but less verbage). And if the little dialogue bubbles do not shout "classic literature" to you or get in your way, well, that's why we have other versions of the plays. However, it's easy to see these as a valuable asset to a generation of students unmoved by traditional Shakespeare approaches.

The Graphic Novels/Plays are available in three text versions - each with the same excellent illustrations. A complete, unabridged Original Text provides the entire play as written by Shakespeare. The Plain Text version is the entire play translated into plain, modern English. The Quick Text version is also full-length but in a slightly condensed version which allows for a very fast read through. All versions have quality heavy-weight paper and a lay-flat binding. They're also oversized (compared to typical play books) - just about the size of an old-fashioned comic book (what a surprise) although somewhat thicker - around 150 pgs, pb.

The Teacher's Resource Packet is impressive and one that can be used with any of the Graphic Novel versions as well as any regular version of the play. This Packet includes the Teacher's Manual/Study Guide and a CD-ROM which contains PDF versions of all worksheets and student pages that can be printed for distribution or displayed as "whiteboards" on your computer. The study guide starts with background information on Shakespeare and includes a biographical sketch as well as some of his most famous quotations. There are accompanying worksheets for each. The Guide also provides act summaries, a series of questions for each act, and then literary analysis activities such as sequencing, timeline, character development, quotation matching, vocabulary, similes, metaphors, and textual analysis. Numerous worksheets and activities are provided which help the student to understand, review, and reinforce what is being learned about the play. Included in the back of the Study Guide is a complete set of worksheets with answers filled in (a Teacher's Version). An Essay Writing assignment with accompanying instruction and step-by-step modeling is part of the play's analysis. The spiral-bound (lays flat for ease of use and copying), 100 (or so) pgs. Study Guides have black and white illustrations which parallel the Graphic Novels. ~ Janice

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