Summer Sparks Activity Cards

A new take on a great idea! Preventing the "summer slide" and preparing for next year by reviewing grade level information is a great idea but the means for doing so tends to look like a workbook and since it's summer your kids might have developed a workbook phobia. These card packs have the same objective but their compact size (5"x7") and one-card-at-a-time format gives the idea a whole new spin. There are 40 double-sided cards in each pack and they're color-coded, too (each grade level has a different color combination). Activities can be done indoors and/or outdoors, incorporate different learning styles, and support curriculum standards. Any supplies needed (there aren't many) are readily available. Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are covered. For example, the Between Grades 3 & 4 set includes a "fraction traffic" activity where the student counts and graphs car or bird colors, then works through the fraction possibilities. A small (four pages) Teacher's Guide is included with each set. This TG provides an answer key and a reading list (with annotations and reading extensions). Instructions include suggestions (like having the child select the card each day) for ensuring success. ~ Janice

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