Flowering Baby Curriculum

Often when I look at "curriculum" for these very young ages (especially for babies), I am unimpressed. Most of the suggestions seem like common sense, especially for people that have ever been around babies or children. So I will admit, when I first saw a sample of this curriculum, I was skeptical. After spending some time looking at it, I became a huge fan - in fact, I plan to start using Flowering Baby with my almost two-year-old this fall, and I can't wait to get started! So if you have some young learners that are ready for school, if you want to start from the beginning doing some organized activities with your young children, or if you have a young child that wants to do school like his/her big brothers and sisters, this program will be perfect for you. The authors have done most of the work for you, by organizing the curriculum in an easy-to-use and well organized fashion, which means that you don't have to spend much time prepping or planning. This is especially key when you have multiple children and multiple grade levels already! Each year's curriculum starts out with an introduction to the program, a summary of the kinds of development and activities your child will be doing or learning at this age and how to stimulate those, a list of music you should have on hand (mostly classical), a list of supplies you will need, and a list of the books you will need for the year. As a voracious reader myself, and knowing how good it is for young children to be exposed to books, I was quite pleased with the extensive book lists for every age bracket! The curriculum is then further broken down into each month - with a list of the supplies (books, music and other supplies from around the house) you will need for the month. This will be very helpful to you if you're getting a lot of the books or music from the library because you will know exactly when you need them. Each month contains about 20 days worth of activities, all broken down by the day so don't have to spend much time planning. As you progress through the age levels, the curriculum obviously get more extensive and takes a little more time. At the birth level, you are spending about 20 minutes a day doing the activities with your baby; by the time your child is 4 years old you are spending up to 45 minutes a day working together. The activities are well-thought out and stimulating. You won't be merely filling up your child's time or humoring your child's desire for schooling - the activities will challenge them, help them develop key skills, and prepare them for a lifetime of learning. The author states "This curriculum is designed for easy use but don't let the simplicity fool you. Each activity has a purpose. The goal of the Flowering Baby Monthly Curriculum is to develop a solid and full foundation of cognitive, language, gross motor, fine motor, social and self-help skills in your child." For example, the program for 2-year olds incorporates language skills, math, music, stories, science, colors, shapes, history and more. Again, the activities are challenging - your 2-year old will learn skip counting, counting in Spanish, how to write the letters of the alphabet and much more. As you get to the two highest levels of the program, for three and four-year olds, the days are broken down into activities like the other program, but a thematic curriculum guide is also included, and you study different themes throughout the year such as Pilgrims, Bodies of Water, Farm Animals, Musical Instruments, Dinosaurs and many more. You will complete two themes each month (some months have three), and the themes are broken down into six days of activities with all the supplies needed for the theme listed at the beginning. All in all, this program gets two thumbs up from me! Each year's curriculum is offered in CD format.

Package includes all five Flowering Baby CDs above.

This new program is designed to prepare your 3-year old for preschool. 40 weeks of lessons are intended to strengthen your little one in the areas of social, emotional and spiritual development. It also gives practice in language skills, matching, sequencing, counting, and development of fine motor skills through cutting, painting, and coloring. The set includes all components of the program: Bible story reader, workbook, workbook companion, and teacher guide. Gospel stories are incorporated as the foundation is laid for reading, writing, vocabulary, and math.

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