Mini Masters Board Book Sets

How charming for our littles art critics– a board book of photographs of master art works with lyrical verses to read! Each book shows 10 paintings. Mini Masters: Degas, Matisse, Van Gogh, and Monet. Mini French Masters: Gauguin, Rousseau, Renoir, and Seurat. The Matisse book does show some stylized nudity. The painting titles are listed in the back of each book. To give you an idea of the rhymes, here is a bit from Renoir: (Painting 1) There are lots of special things to do when someone’s sharing time with you. So, hand in hand, let’s spend the day finding games that two can play. (Painting 2) Two girls at the piano play a song. (Painting 3) Two sisters share secrets all day long. (Painting 4) A baby bounces on mother’s knee. (Painting 5) A child learns to write – A, B, C. 5.5”x 5.5”, 20 pgs, hc. ~ Sara

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Grades: PK
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