English Grammar Skills (Grade 8)

The course provides thorough coverage of grammar, usage, and mechanics including:

    nouns—common, proper, singular, plural, concrete, abstract, collective, compound, possessive, nouns (special cases)—titles, direct address
    dependent and independent clauses, and clauses that act like nouns
    verbs—action, state-of-being, phrases, inking, auxiliary and main, transitive, intransitive, tenses (present, past, future), irregular, participles, perfect tenses, progressive tenses, perfect progressive tenses; using have and has; lie and lay, rise and raise, sit and set;
    noun/verb agreement,
    conjunctions, coordinating conjunctions
    adjectives—predicate, proper, articles, comparative and superlative,
    adverbs—affirmative and negative, groups, comparative and superlative;
    prepositions—tricky, phrases, phrases that act like adjectives and adverbs,
    analyzing phrases; verbal—infinitives, split infinitives, phrases, participles, gerunds
    capitalization—proper nouns and new sentences, dialogues and titles, proper adjectives and “I,” poetry, calendar, letters and outlines;
    special words—here and there, every and many
    simple, compound, compound subjects and agreement, and complex sentence structure.
    parts of sentences, subjects and predicates, complete subject, direct objects, predicate nominatives, indirect objects, objects of prepositions,
    punctuation—end, commas, appositives, commas that set apart certain words, quotation marks, apostrophes, colons, semicolons; word emphasis—italics, underlines
    word-building—roots, prefixes that show negation, time, quantity, direction, position; suffixes that form nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs; comparative and superlative suffixes

Available for this course: Full Course Kit (includes print Chapter Texts, Activity Books, and Teacher Resource Kit as well as a free digital download of the TRK). The Chapter Texts, Activity Books and Teacher Resource Kit can also be purchased separately.

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