Grammar and Writing 3

Expanding the scope and sequence of the Grammar and Writing program to third grade and written by its original authors (Mary/Curtis Hake), this course provides a comprehensive introduction to both grammar, usage, and mechanics as well as an excellent introductory writing course. Employing all the familiar Saxon methodologies; incremental lessons, spiral teaching, and continual review while also following in the tradition of easy-to-implement lessons and thorough instruction this new grade level lives up to its heritage. At this level, instruction involves daily teacher-student interaction coupled with independent student work. Course components include a Textbook, a Teacher Guide, and a Writing Workbook. Textbook - 488 pgs, pb. Teacher Guide - 312 pgs (plus masters), pb, perforated, three-hole punched. Writing Workbook - 92 pgs, pb, perforated, three-hole punched. ~ Janice

The Student Textbook can be used either as a consumable (writing directly in the book) or a non-consumable (writing sentences out on separate paper). 111 lessons thoroughly cover types of sentences, parts of sentences, parts of speech and include diagramming. Periodic lessons review spelling rules and provide comprehensive instruction in capitalization and punctuation. A "Grammar Meeting" is conducted as part of each lesson. These are scripted dialogs between teacher and student and are designed to strengthen listening skills, practice correct word usage, develop effective speaking habits, and introduce root-based vocabulary studies. Daily teacher-guided lessons include the Grammar Meeting, grammar instruction (liberally utilizing examples), diagramming (again, with examples), and exercises; practice sets, more practice sets (sometimes), and a review set. The Text includes a complete index of topics.

The Writing Workbook is consumable and provides 21 lessons covering sentence and paragraph construction; persuasive, expository, narrative, descriptive, and chapter summaries (literary response) with an emphasis on the writing process. The Hake/Saxon step-by-step approach is evident and effective in these straight-forward lessons. One of my favorite methodologies for developing strong and interesting sentences, sentence combining, is utilized throughout the lessons. Writing lessons and tests are scheduled after every fifth grammar lesson (starting after Lesson 10).

The Teacher Guide provides overall lesson scheduling information and daily lessons including scripts for the Grammar Meetings. Answer keys for practice, more practice, and review sets from the Student Text as well as the writing lessons are also provided. Lastly, there are reproducible Test Masters and More Practice Masters (along with answer keys) in this teacher book.

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