Lemonade to Leadership

One natural outgrowth in improving one's communication skills is a career in business. Institute for Excellence in Writing helps us connect these two disciplines in this course on becoming an entrepreneur. The course is both general and specific, as students learn about and actually work through different facets of starting their own business.

The 8 lessons include ideas on finding money-making ideas, getting the business started, attracting customers, handling money, and keeping the business growing. Quite a few discussion questions are included in each chapter; brainstorming the possibilities is an essential part of the course. Each student writes down options for his business, so the course becomes a game plan for actually starting a business. Case studies provided are at the student's level of knowledge and experience.

The course consists of a student book and teacher book. The student book allows space for filling in answers to the questions and ultimately becomes the business plan. The teacher's book is easy to follow and provides answers to the general questions while offering suggestions for the student-specific ones.

Instruction time recommended for the course is between 12 and 25 hours, depending on how much you use suggested extension activities. This course can be used in the home school or with a group such as a home school co-op. Regardless of setting, the important thing is to actually jump in and get some experience as a business owner. ~ Bob

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