America's True Heroes

Have you ever thought about how many stories there are, from all branches of service, from all times, places, and situations, from almost every conflict of the past century, accumulated in the people around us? Nicholas Rider has, and at the age of 11 started collecting autographs and eventually brief stories from the veterans and patriots he met. Now he's published them so that we, too, can hear about and appreciate these men and women. There are over 100 stories, arranged in no particular order. The brief biography of a Marine in WWII and an Air Force Pilot from Vietnam might be right next to each other, one a detailed account of life and events, the other a simple statement of theater, rank, and duties. Some are anonymous. Some have service pictures, some don't. Some are from test pilots, some from the trenches. Whether humorous, dour, peaceful, or gripping, each one is a story of a veteran, of service to their country and their people, of patriotism and duty; they deserve to be remembered by those whom they served. ~ Mark

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