Treegate Series

This acclaimed series lets readers experience Colonial America through the eyes of a young boy. In John Treegate's Musket, we are introduced to John Treegate, a wealthy merchant who is proud to be British, and his eleven-year-old son, Peter. Peter enters the life of an apprentice, while his father travels to England to appeal for an agreement with the colonies. Peter endures many challenges and adventures while events leading up to America's war for independence - such as the Boston Massacre - unfold around him. Peter Treegate's War is told in the first person by sixteen-year-old Peter, picking up at the Revolutionary War and Peter's conflicting loyalty between his real father, John, and his foster father, the Maclaren of Spey. Sea Captain from Salem, the third installment, tells the story of the American Revolution. Benjamin Franklin has been sent to Paris to seek an alliance with France, but how can he convince the French to join the new nation's cause? Franklin receives help from an unlikely source - a devout and fiery sea captain from Salem, named Peace of God Manly. Join Captain Manly on his daring adventures as he battles the British aboard his ship, the Hornet. 134-173 pgs, pb. By Leonard Wibberley. ~ Lisa

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