smART Sketcher

Anyone can be a topnotch artist with this tech savvy art projector! Learn to draw animals, write letters and work on spelling with the 50+ pre-loaded activities on the included SD card. Select a project and then the smART sketcher will project a step-by-step sequence of that project onto your blank paper below allowing you to trace along, first starting with a simple shape, then building by adding another simple shape onto the previous until the final drawing is complete. (Note: the projected scenes work best in a dimly lit room.) Now color your line drawing for a finished piece of artwork. Expand your projector experience by downloading the free smART sketcher App (Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon) to a smart device, connecting to the projector via Bluetooth and then taking your own pictures to be sent to the projector for tracing and sketching onto blank paper. App is straightforward and easy to use. Projector comes with 1 pre-loaded SD card and AC adapter (or use 4 D batteries, not included).

Extension activity packs pre-loaded on SD cards are also available to further the artist drawing and learning skills experience. Each Creativity Pack comes with 50 step-by-step learn-to-draw animal themed activities. The English Alphabet Packs contain 50 activities that teach kids to write their upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and words, then draw a themed picture based on that word. ~ Emily

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