Math Triple Play Games

These high quality, inexpensive, and attractive laminated cardstock playing cards provide skill development while making learning fun. Each set offers three different games, hence the name "Triple Play." The three games are ranked in order of difficulty so that you can build skills progressively. The instructions also provide tips on how you can move more gradually to prevent frustration even within a particular game. The card face is visually appealing, with brilliant colors set onto a bright white background. To give you an idea of the progression, let's use Primary Math - Addition as an example. The first activity is a warm-up activity in which the children look over the cards and observe the number sentence card with its corresponding answer card. For example, one card shows the number sentence 5 + 4, and shows 5 apples in one column and 4 apples in the next column. The students will find the corresponding answer card that shows the phrase "9 apples" at the top, along with the illustration of 9 apples. Once students are familiar with the cards, they're ready for Game #1, The Match Maker Game, for 2-4 players. Each player is dealt 7 cards and then, by turn, either draws from the pile or takes a card from another player to make matches. When all cards are used, the matches are recited aloud. The second game is Memory for 2-8 players, in which cards are laid face down and each player turns over two cards at a time in an attempt to make a match. The third game is Go Fish for 2-4 players, in which, again, the goal is to make a match, but each child cannot see the other players' cards and must ask for a particular card in hopes of making a match. At such a reasonable price, these games deserve to be a basic tool for learning in many homes, and they don't take up the space that boxed games require. ~ Caryl

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Grades: K-4
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