50 Fill-in Math Word Problems

What Mad Libs has done for grammar practice, these math workbooks will do for math! Creating hilarious story problems through the fill-in-the-blank activities will not only reinforce a child's vocabulary, but it also will improve their ability to solve multi-step math problems. These humorous stories are nearly complete but simply missing a few key words that have been replaced by blanks. For each blank, children add their own words or numbers, thereby completing the word story problem. At the end of the story, a "solve this" question incorporates their individual responses into a math problem to be worked out. Additional helps include a word choice chart with definitions and examples of basic grammar terms (adverbs, adjectives etc.) and a five-step problem solving process called The Fantastic Five-Step Process. The math word problem books cover general mathematical topics such as numbers and operations, measurement, patterns and algebra, geometry and data analysis and probability. Also available are books that target specific math concepts (see below). Reproducible, pb. ~ Deanne

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