Math Problem-Solving Skills

There is a big emphasis on problem-solving skills and development of reasoning skills in the academic world. The reason is - we want to raise thinkers. This series of books offers over 50 black & white activities per book in which students are asked to put their problem-solving abilities to work in different areas of math - number sense, algebraic thinking, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. At each level students are asked to figure out what needs to be done and then apply the appropriate strategy.

The introduction of each book explains how to use the book, the importance of problem-solving, and a model to explain how to analyze problems and organize information to solve them. If you are concerned with NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Standards, these activities meet them.

Teacher notes precede each section of activities and include additional materials you may need (easily accessible), discussion topics, possible difficulties, and extension activities. Students are then given some type of challenging, multi-step word problem to solve, which progressively become more difficult. These reproducible, 100+ page books would be a terrific supplement to any math curriculum. You could even use them as additional work just to get your day started or extra practice when time allows.

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