Mastering Algebra DVDs by Art Reed

Yet another teaching tool for Saxon! This series of DVDs is done specifically for Saxon math. Taught by Art Reed, a former curriculum advisor in the home school division of Saxon Publishers, these DVDs teach concepts in an interesting classroom-type setting. Students view Mr. Reeds lessons Monday through Thursday, and then take their test on Friday.

Mr. Reed doesnt go through the actual problems found in the texts, but if you have a student who just needs a thorough explanation of each lesson, these DVDs work. You can tell by the length of some of the lessons that the explanations are a little more detailed than other supplemental teaching aids. I enjoyed watching the lessons with Mr. Reeds relaxed presentation, as he encourages and reassures the students that math doesnt have to be hard.

Each level of the series begins with a short introduction which explains placement and the Saxon methodology. There is a session for every lesson found in the Saxon textbook, and students will need to read the information found in the text before watching the video. Everything Mr. Reed presents in his sessions comes from the lesson in the text, and he also mentions alternative methods along with interesting comments. Lessons range in length from 5 to 25 minutes depending on the concept. He offers step-by-step instruction of the daily concept with samples for clarification. Mr. Reeds explanations are simple and make sense as he draws on a whiteboard and gives pertinent illustrations. This series is a good alternative for the student who responds better to a person making the presentation as opposed to just reading about it. ~ Donna

Download the Saxon Math Tutorials: Comparison Chart or the Visual Comparison.

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