Harcourt Language Programs

Harcourt Language, which is included in the Saxon Homeschool Language Arts Packages for 1st through 5th grades, is both a systematic grammar study and a model-based writing program that emphasizes the writing process and exposure to the various forms of writing. Packages include a full-color, hardback Pupil Edition, an over-sized, spiral-bound Teacher's Edition (full-text answer key plus presentation information "around the edges"), and the Language Skills and Writing Assessment TE, which contains unit tests, cumulative assessments, answer keys, model papers with annotations, scoring rubrics, primary-trait checklists, and more. Pupil Editions provide six units of instruction each of which includes chapters on grammar and writing. At the back of each student book is a Handbook, which includes writing models, writing rubrics, study skills and reading strategies, spelling strategies, commonly misspelled words, handwriting models, a thesaurus, a glossary, and Vocabulary Power words in context. Homeschool lesson plans are online at saxonhomeschool.com.

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