Cut & Assemble Historical Buildings and Landmarks

These books enable modelers to build several different historical structures on their tabletop without the need of hammer or nails! They contain colorful illustrated cutout pieces printed on sturdy 9 ¼"x 12 ¼" cardstock paper. Each cutout piece is labeled to correspond with the detailed instructions and diagrams located within each model book. Only scissors or glue are required for assembly; tools like an X-ACTO knife and straight edge would also come in handy. Historical information about the structures is provided in each of the model books, and the front covers also feature color photos of the assembled buildings. These kits offer a truly fun and educational activity for children or young adults who enjoy building historical structures. It should be mentioned, however, that younger children will need help and supervision as they complete certain steps in the building process, particularly when they need to cut out the model pieces from the book! ~ Mike

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Item # 022567
Grades: 3-7
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Our Price: $7.95
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