Read & Think Foreign Language

Reading practice is one of the best things your language learner can do. It provides context for the grammar and vocabulary you are studying, and it’s fun! Short 1-2 page passages in the French or Spanish have a glossary in the margins so you don’t lose fluidity looking up new words. The topics are cultural, so it’s a great addition to any language course. Parents, hand this over to your independent high school student. Read together with younger students. It’s a great way to build vocabulary! A few questions (with answers) about each passage let your student self-check their comprehension. The topics are high interest. It’s a practical addition any language program, probably after 1 year of good instruction. I would add this to year 2 and/or 3 for a high schooler. Listen to recordings of native speakers using the Language Lab app. Non-consumable, pb, 240pp ~Sara

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