Captivating Science Kits

These are a scaled down version of the Science Fair Kits by DuneCraft, and each kit contains small pouches of polymer products for you to mix with water. Slimy Squishy Polymer Fun lets you grow 3 bags of slippery spheres, 3 bags of jellystones, 3 bags of silly squares, and even mix one batch of 'gobbledy goop.' Outerspace Explorer includes 'expanding space spheres' (4 bags), one batch of 'super celestial snow,' 3 bags of 'space sand,' 1 batch each of 'space slime, alien powder, and spider balls.' Instructions are included for mixing the polymers but there are no experiments. These kits will provide hours of fun, and can be used for times of discovery and questioning about polymers as you use them with your science curriculum. You're never too old to have some polymer fun. ~ Donna

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