Olde World Style U.S. / World Maps on CD

The makers of the Record of Time - Timeline Notebook (item #030982) have expanded the product's collection of maps into two new sets. The United States map set includes over 180 maps with notebooking pages for each state. Maps of each state, Washington D.C., and American History are offered. State maps are given in three formats: with labels, without labels, and in outline form. Examples of the American history maps include location of various Native Tribes and the original 13 colonies. The World map set contains over 130 maps in ancient and modern styles and includes over 40 notebooking pages. The World maps can be used in a variety of ways such as determining locations of countries, cities, landforms, and bodies of water. Ancient maps are presented in physical map format, while modern maps contain political lines.

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Item # 003602
Grades: K-AD
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