Employability Skills Books

These slim paper booklets were written for anyone unfamiliar with a structured job, such as a high school student, or for someone returning to the job market who wants to brush up on a few points. Each booklet discusses a handful of relevant job search topics through informational pages followed by worksheets. Simply read the lesson and then complete the accompanying worksheet. Students may complete one or more lessons daily in just a short period of time. A pre-test and post-test is given in each book. Contains approximately 20 pages.

A Program Administrator's Manual is also available, which includes the answers for the booklets in the series, as well as teacher sections for each one. These sections discuss the topic of the corresponding book, offering additional background information, advice for research activities to go beyond the worksheets in the books, and other helpful information for a teacher or anyone else overseeing a "job hunter." Approximately three pages are devoted to each of the booklets in the series.- Melissa

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